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7 Cultural differences between USA and Japan

 There are numerous cultural differences between Japan and the USA. Seven of the differences are mentioned and discussed below:

  • Religious practices in the USA and Japan.
  • Culture in the USA and Japan
  • Political participation in both countries.
  • The demographic situation in both countries.
  • Adults and their parent’s relationship
  • Gender role in both of these countries.
  • Social hierarchy in the USA and Japan.

We will discuss all of these factors of differences one by one below:

1. Religious practices in the USA and japan

In the USA, the most common religion practiced is Christianity. People in the USA follow religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and more but Christianity is the majority. There are atheists too present among them. They do many religious practices such as a lot of rituals, many sermons, a lot of types of sacrifices, meditations, art, dances, and whatnot. But, as the era is getting more and more modernized, the thinking and mentality of people are changing slowly in a way. Now according to research made, approximately forty percent of Americans don’t think that religion plays an important role in their life. In the USA, there is the world’s largest Christianity population. Since 1990, religion share in the USA of Christianity has decreased and the other religions have increased and added their share of religions in the USA.

Religion in usa
In Japan, the Shinto religion is the oldest and most followed religion by the Japanese. Then there is Buddhism, the next most followed religion in Japan. Then there is Christianity and the others in Japan. According to research, it has been found that there is sixty-nine percent of Japanese people follow the Shinto religion. Then there is sixty-six point seven percent of Japanese who follow the Buddhism religion in japan. Then there is one point five percent of Japanese follow the Christianity religion. And six-point two percent of Japanese follows other religions. In Japan too, there are atheists. These all data are the results of the surveys done in japan.

Japan religions
Few Japanese are without having any religion, that is they don’t follow any religion and so they are not counted for religion. The Shinto community or religion focuses on connecting the people with the present and the ancient past roots. Shinyo believes in peace and connecting with nature. Buddhism was imported to Japan and the Japanese people in the sixth century. When it comes to religions, most Japanese people like to stay private. Most of the Japanese people don’t even worship daily and they are very chill with these things.

2. Cultural differences between both the countries, the USA and Japan

In the USA, culture is mostly in westernized forms. That is they are originated from western. The USA has its own culture and forms. They are not very formal in their lives. They have a diverse culture and arts. The USA has roots in Europe. The USA has conservative and liberal, both cultures are mixed up. There are many immigrants to the USA and their culture and the USA cultures got mixed up.

usa culture
The people of the USA mostly prefer luxury and luxurious life. They grow up with the mentality that, “the big is better”.

It seems that they are always running like they are always in a hurry. The popular game in the USA is football. In the USA, everyone is competing with one another. They are very competitive. They usually respect the cultural boundaries of religions and other religions. Most of them like to get independent at a very young age. Children in the USA, leave their parent’s houses and like to stay alone and independent on their own.

The Japanese people are grounded and stocked to their culture and beliefs. The Japanese people are very ethical and social to be known among others. They are known to be more formal than in the USA. Japan is known to be a little conservative. Japanese people are conservative. Here, most Japanese children stay with their parents or their guardians. Then don’t walk while eating or drinking which is so much normal in the USA. That’s considered rude in Japan.

japan culture

3. Political participation of both the countries, in the USA and japan

For anyone, voting is the way to take an active part in politics. This is also a way to choose their government who will take care of them for some time. In the USA, everyone takes active participation in any political affairs and issues. They take these things too seriously. When they don’t like any government or any rules given by the government to follow, they oppose it. They know their every right and duty very wisely.

In Japan, unitary parliamentary works. Political power is in the hands of the prime minister. In Japan, many Japanese people don’t take part in politics. They avoid these things in their lives. Other Japanese people take part in specific political acts.

4. Gender-role differences in both the countries, the USA and Japan.

In the USA, surveys give results that men have easier lives in comparison to women. Men and women are thought to have equal rights. There are no taboos of members of other genders such as gays and bisexuals. Everyone is considered the same and equal. Women can dress as they want. Gender roles in the USA are however liberal in comparison to other countries including Japan.

In Japan, Japanese people are still conservative about members of other genders. The gender roles in Japan are very strict. women are considered to be moderate and lower than men. They are still very conservative on gender roles.

5. Demographic situation difference of both the countries, the USA and Japan.

The demographic situation means the population research based on their sex, colour, origin, and many other factors.

demographics of usa
In the USA, according to a survey done there, there is seventy-six-point three percent of whites present. There are thirteen point four percent of blacks or Africans present there. Then there is one point three percent off American Indians present in the USA .and there are five-point nine percent of Asians present and living their lives in the USA. The USA population is increasing at a high rate due to migrants and immigrants coming there. Sometimes this diverse demographic situation causes several issues too to the USA. The USA is the world’s third most populated country. The USA has mainly ethical and social demographic problems occurring.

demographics of japan
Japan is the seventh-most populated country in the world. The demographic situation is declining in japan at an increasing rate. There are very low birth rates in Japan. People in Japan don’t want kids. And as a result, the birth rate is declining and at last, the population is decreasing. They also suffer demographic problems.

6. Social hierarchy differences between both the countries, the USA and Japan

In the USA, they have five main social classes. They are upper class, upper-middle-class, middle class, working-class and lower class. These are the divisions made by the society in the USA. This is a social status for people. In some places, the social classes are also divided in this way, rich Americans, middle-class Americans, and poor Americans. The Middle Class is generally working class.

In Japan, Japanese people also have social classes in their society. The classes are Emperor class, this is the highest. It is a non-western country having a social hierarchy. Japanese people like to stay grounded in their roots, cultures, and history.

7. Eating habits differences between both the countries, the USA and Japan.

eating culture in usa
In the USA, people are always in a hurry and rush. They used to eat anywhere. One can watch them eating and drinking even on the road and for the people of the USA, it is very common to watch and do these things. However, these things can be unusual to see and do for any person from any Asian country like Japan. According to research, one out of every five people who are present in the USA eats and feeds on fast and junk foods each day. They prefer packaged foods more. They are always at a high risk of being obese and cause obesity. People of the USA prefer convenience over nutrition and a heart-healthy diet and food. People in the USA believe in eating food that is easy to get, easy to prepare and ready to eat.


eating culture in japan
In Japan, Japanese people prefer and eat a healthy diet and nutritious food in their lives. They mostly prefer seafood, noodles, and many others which are nutritious to eat. Japanese always prefer cooked food and then spend their time properly on their food. They give equal importance to their food and don’t eat or drink on the roads. They don’t prefer eating red meat more and their intake or consumption of coffee more. This is too normal in the USA. This is not usual in Japan.

Japanese food intake and consumption are well balanced and rich in nutrients and all. Japanese people don’t get obese. They are very low in number. They like to stay healthy. The consumption of food by Japanese people is having low or even no calories. Japanese people eat rice and they prefer rice with everything. They generally don’t prefer junk or fast food. Wasting food by Japanese people is considered rude in Japan. This is not so rude considering western countries like the USA.

Japanese people consume food that is processed very minimally. And the nutrients are still there. They are dependent on marine food and marine life. Japanese people are very much into noodles. Ramyeon is there all the time to get food. Their sugar intake is minimal. Unlike other Western countries like the USA, they consume sugar on a minimum level. Therefore there is no or at all. The Japanese people stick to their old and historical culture in food too. They eat and feed on steamed rice.

Here are some of the famous Japanese desserts and sweets.

Generally, they eat rice with everything and also prefer having soups of different flavours and tastes. They consume fish a lot. Therefore Japanese have a balanced protein intake and they always stick to this .japanese people prefer a lot of vegetables and vegetable salads as their side dishes. Their food has distinct tastes and flavours different from other countries, mostly western countries such as the USA. They use chopsticks a lot and they don’t prefer eating with their hands. Japanese consider rude, impolite, and uncultured to use hands for eating. Alcoholic drinks are allowed and considered normal in both the countries, the USA and Japan. Snacks are however not so common in Japan among Japanese people. Japanese people eat pickles a lot in their day-to-day lives.

Administration in USA and Japan

Despite all of these differences, both the countries, the USA and Japan, are unique and good in their ways. They have many similarities too despite having a lot of differences between them. Like most both of them want peace, harmony, and betterment for their public of people living there. There is a lot that makes the two countries unique in their ways.

As a developed nation the two countries promote having clean cities and towns and ultimately the country. Both the countries, the USA and Japan promote the freedom and well-being of their people living there. The USA and Japan, both countries organize their administration in their own ways. People living there are also very friendly and promote peace among them and ultimately the country. As a true nation both the countries, the USA and Japan know better, how to preserve their past, their cultures by their ancestors, and their history.

Like most both the countries, the USA and Japan, want economic growth and power for their country. Both the government of the countries, the USA and Japan, know how to keep safe to their countrymen and are democratic countries. The biggest similarity between both the countries, the USA and Japan is the ideas they have for their democracy and capitalism.

We should appreciate both countries for everything they have.

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