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Japan is well known for a lot of things and it attracts a lot of public and foreign tourists towards itself in many possible ways. Hamanako aquarium experience Center”Uotto” is also one of them. In this article, we will be discussing all of the necessary information about “Uotto”.

Lake Hamana


It is a prosperous lake that contains approximately eight hundred kinds of creatures living inside the lake. Lake Hamana is the tenth biggest lake in Japan. This specific lake ranges the boundaries of the cities. It ranges in the cities of Hamamatsu and Kosai city of Japan. This particular lake is one of the most important marketable origins of many organisms. Some of the organisms are turtles having softshells, Japanese nori, oysters, and many more.

It is very famous for eels. This lake also has been formulated as an area of the resort. This also has boating services.

Lake Hamana has a wide surface of the lake. This lake has Emerald green vegetation in it. The lake has a unique watergate that is very next to one of the prettiest attractions, the volcano Mt. Fuji. This has excellent water views. Especially, under the sunset sun, this lake gains extra wonders.

Address to reach Hamanako aquarium experience centre,” Uotto”

The address to reach the aquarium centre, wotto is as follows:-

5005-3 Bentenjima Maisaka -Cho Nishi -Ku, Hamamatsu 431-0214 Shizuoka prefecture.

This amazing aquarium is on the third rank on the list of “can’t miss attractions” in Shizuoka. This aquarium is open for the public or guests for twenty-four hours, all day. There are a lot of things that are attracting people from all over the world. There are many lakes and many mountains that are a part of the attractions of Shizuoka.

This unique and amazing aquarium experience centre, wotto, is a small aquarium that studies the creature that has a home in Lake Hamana. This aquarium provides its guests to enjoy with touching experiences.  They also provide their guests with special pop-ups.

Studying the building of an aquarium

Now, let’s come to the structure of the building. First of all, talk about the main floor. The main floor consists of a lake theatre, an aqua zone, an experience zone, and a reception.

Then there comes the learning floor. This floor consists of a learning zone, a rest area, and an observation deck. Then, there comes a lake theatre. This is a mini theatre that has a big screen. On the screen, one can watch the original movie for a total of ten minutes.

Then, there comes an aqua zone. There are twenty water tanks. One of the water tanks is the Keiryu tank. There are many individual tanks and also large tanks. These all tanks give the representation of fishes and all the shellfishes that live in the sea of Enshunada, the river of Miyakoda, and the lake Hamana. Then there is the experience zone. This experience zone is a very famous area in wotto.

Reception zone of the aquarium

The experience zone inside the wotto has a lot of limited edition Merchandise. They also consist of many exclusive and original items that can only be purchased from there.

Learning zone inside the aquarium

There is a space inside the wotto that is known as an open experiment zone. There, the guests coming here can watch the crabs or also the shrimps. They are also allowed to directly touch some of the creatures. Some of the names of those creatures are, starfishes, sea cucumbers, hermit crabs, and many others.

Library section in the aquarium

Library section in the aquarium
There is also a space for the library inside the aquarium. There are a lot of books. These books are about the creatures that are living in Lake Hamana.

Rest area in the aquarium

There is also a space for guests and tourists who visit there and want to rest and relax. They can eat and also drink here in this particular area inside the aquarium. There are benches placed in a circle form. The rest area is all very spacious and also very comfortable.

The observation deck in the aquarium

The observation deck is on the third floor in the aquarium. From the observatory deck, one can take a great view of Lake Hamana. One can also enjoy a relaxing moment and can also feel the amazing waves of breezes off from the lake.

Night wotto inside the aquarium

Night wotto inside the aquarium HAMANAKO AQUARIUM
This is one of the most popular and beautiful sceneries to take a view and capture in your memory for a lifetime. One has the option of staying at night to watch this outstanding scenery. This scenery can only be captured in the summer season. One can also appreciate this fantastic and unique space by watching those beautiful water creatures with special lighting.

The TV talking inside the water in the aquarium

The guests or the tourists visiting there have the option to watch the divers who will be feeding the amazing water creatures that are inside the aquarium. That is a ‘Big water tank’.

If someone wishes to have a conversation with those divers who are feeding the water creatures and if they have any curious questions, then they can ask those to the divers. Those divers have cameras with them and also a communication device.

This place, aquarium, ‘wotto’, was initially supposed to be a fisheries experiment station. To date, they are beautifully carrying those initial concepts and plans. The original concept was to establish a place where you can learn about fish’. They also have plans for the conduction of various researches over the eels.

Lake Hamanako garden park

 homanka gardens and all-about-hamanako-aquarium-experience-centre-wotto
This is an interesting spot to get visited once you finish with the aquarium. This is at a distance of approximately five minutes drive away from the aquarium. This garden park was created on the site of the lake Hamana Flower expo. This park is also worth coming to and enjoying. This park also has a water playground. This also has a cruise for the visitors, visiting there.

History of the lake Hamanako aquarium, wotto

The name of the aquarium was given by a school-going student. His name was Nishiyama. Nishiyama Yosei was in the fourth grade when he suggested this name. The name for this aquarium was invited from all the local schools. This aquarium was opened in the year two thousand on the date of twenty-first of August. The name wotto is made up of two words. The word, wo means fish in the Japanese language. And the other means the water spot. This particular aquarium is a three-storey building.

This aquarium was opened to introduce the world to the rich and beautiful biodiversity. This was also to introduce the fishery resources. This aquarium stimulates nature and natural gifts. This also facilitates the significance of nature and natural gifts.

The aquarium is consists of a stream tank, a small fish tank, and also a large water tank. This amazing aquarium is so easy to view. All the water creatures are sorted by different themes. They are also grouped as they show the natural environment. Children enjoy this beautiful and unique scenery from the standpoint of divers inside the water tanks or the aquarium. This is done with the help of a monitor.

There are many spots in the aquarium that are very famous among visitors who are visiting there. One of those famous and unique spots is the touch tank. Inside the touch tank, there are a lot many tropical fishes on the display. One can touch and feel those amazing water creatures without harming them.

There are also many amazing things to do for the visitors who are visiting there. Another one is that they are also allowed to enter a shallow pool.

They can do so to touch the starfish in:

  1. There are also sea cucumbers, one can touch them too. But, for this one have to do just one thing and that is to bring an extra pair of cloth along with them and also a towel.

The learning zone of the lake Hamanako aquarium, wotto looks like an extraordinary school science room. There are many posters about the fishes and the other creatures that are inside the aquarium or the tanks, in the Hallway. There are a lot of stories about the fish. The most interesting story is about the story of poisonous fish. There is also an availability of a computer that asks questions about those interesting water creatures. And one has to answer those questions that are asked by the computer. Well, the questions are not easy or moderate ones, so one needs to look and observe everything inside the Aquarium and memorize them.

Nursing zone inside the aquarium motto

There is also an availability of a nursing lounge for the visitors and also all of the staff that is working there and taking care of those water creatures that are inside the aquarium or tanks. If someone is feeling sick or nauseous, they can ask the nurses or the staff for hot water or necessary medications, in the nursing lounge.

Baby stroller rental services inside the aquarium wotto

This service is for the visitors coming here and having kids. This service is free of cost. That means, they don’t charge any fee to provide this service.

Events held inside the aquarium wotto

Several events are held in the aquarium for the visitors, visiting here. One of them is that visitors can talk to the divers who are diving inside the aquarium or the large tanks and observe them inside the aquarium, especially on Sundays or any holidays. The other event is to hand on activities that are getting on there. Those activities are to feed the eels, prepare the hourglass, prepare the net fishing bags, and several others.

Covid effects on the visits and business of the aquarium

No doubt, covid has a lot of impacts on all of us out there. It has affected each and everyone in many possible ways. This also has a very negative impact on the global economy. It has also affected the aquarium. The number of visitors who were visiting here decreased very low in number. It has also a negative impact on the business of aquariums.

However, for now, the situation is a bit in control, and before visiting to the aquarium, one has to follow a certain set of rules. These can be learned from the aquarium website itself.

Few of the wonderful Asian eating places to eat, near the aquarium wotto

Here, a few of the places are mentioned where visitors can enjoy good and authentic food. Those places are as follow;-

  • Asakusa Ken Bunten
  • Taijikara
  • Tsukemen Kinzo
  • Shunsai Ittoku
  • Indian and Nepali curry Miteli
  • Cestino Kosai
  • Chinese Kaede Rinkaku
  • These are only a few of the names. one can go on a hunt and find more of their own.
  • Hamanako resort and spa the ocean

 hamanako resort and spaall-about-hamanako-aquarium-experience-centre-wotto
This is one of the excellent choices to be made by the tourists or the visitors who are visiting to lake Hamanako. This place has a very nice and charming environment. There, guests also get the availability of many useful conveniences. The room in which they will be staying in will have an air conditioner in it. The guests also get the availability of their own refrigerator. To use the uninterrupted internet, the guests staying in there also get the free wifi services.

There in the resort, the guests also get twenty-four hours at the front desk There is also the availability of baggage storage for the guests who are staying in there or the guests who are planning to stay in there. There is also a nice and authentic gift shop. From there, one can purchase nice gifts for their loved ones. There is also an availability of a pool and breakfast.

I will be concluding this by saying that one should surely name this aquarium and this place on their travel list.

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