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Japan Tours and Life Style


Hokkaido is the part of Japan that lies in the northern part of Japan. This region of Japan is the greatest island.  Hokkaido is one of the frigid regions of japan. The capital city of Hokkaido is Sapporo. It is famous for volcanoes, areas to ski,  onsens and most famous for its food. Here, in this article, we will be discussing Hokkaido, which is a heavenly place for all the foodies not only from Japan but also from all over the world.

Hokkaido is world-famous for its seafood and of course, sushi. Hokkaido generates a lot of Japanese dairy products. In those dairy products, there are cheese, milk, cream, butter, and many more. They have the highest quality of fish. Fish lovers will never get dissatisfied and unhappy when they are served Hokkaido’s fish.

They also have the best quality sea urchins. They also consume and serve a large amount of Mutton and lambs. Hokkaido’s milk is extremely flavorful and well-known.  They have a very famous dish which is known as” Genghis Khan”. Genghis khan is made up of lamb and a variety of vegetables like pumpkin and cabbage.

Some famous foods served in Hokkaido

Now, we will be discussing some of the most distinguished and flavorful dishes that are served in Hokkaido.


food in hokkaido
Without a question, the ice creams of Hokkaido are one of the best.  One who visits

Hokkaido can’t resist tasting and eating ice cream. They are very soft, fluffy, and smooth. In Hokkaido and also in the whole of Japan, ice cream is also known as “soft cream”. Soft creams have many variations of flavours. Most popular is the vanilla flavour.

No one can miss these sweet and flavourful soft creams. Some more well-known flavours are Hokkaido lavender soft cream, Santa no hige, Aoiike soft cream, Densuke watermelon flavoured soft cream, and many others.


hokkaido soup curry food
This dish is another most famous and flavorful dish of Hokkaido. This dish is light to eat. This has a very strong curry aroma. The main ingredients of this amazing dish are Chicken bones, chicken legs, and many local and seasonal veggies like eggplants, potatoes, onions, carrots, bell peppers, okras, and many other veggies.

This dish is very delicious and also very nutritious. Soup curry is one of the remarkable dishes of Hokkaido, Japan. Soup curry is served with rice that is made traditionally. The soup is very delicate and watery.

A lot many different types of spices are added to make it more delicious and colourful by adding veggies.


food shikari nabe in hokkaido
This is another very popular and delightful dish of Hokkaido, Japan. The ingredients used to prepare this amazing dish are salmon, cabbage, radish, miso, onion, potatoes, corn, and a few more.

This is a local cuisine found almost in every restaurant. The composition of this amazing dish, Ishikari nabe, is very creamy.  It takes approximately thirty minutes to cook and serve. To prepare this, one should use a lot of butter.

Ishikari nabe is reasonably sweet. This also has a very powerful aroma.


hokkaido kaizen don
This is a rice bowl served with a variety of seafood. Toppings are done with the sea urchins, Mantis shrimp, Botan shrimp, salted salmon roe, and a few others. This is a famous ancestral dish of Hokkaido, Japan.

Word kaizen means fresh seafood in the Japanese language. And don means a rice bowl in Japanese. This is also very flavorful just like all other above-mentioned dishes.

The seafood used in this dish is tuna, salmon, squid, octopus, crab, scallop, and salmon roe.


There are many varieties of ramen. There are five fundamental types of Hokkaido ramen. All these ramens are very very rich in taste.

The main five types of Hokkaido ramen are as follows: Sapporo ramen, Asahikawa ramen, Hakodate ramen, Kushiro ramen, and Muroran curry ramen.


food in hokkaido
This is a dish which is grilled meat of mutton or lamb. They are way too flawlessly grilled. Genghis khan is also known as, jingisukan in the Japanese language.

Genghis khan or jingisukan is also very very popular in the regions of China.


hokkaido sapporo beer
Beers are very much prominent in almost all of the South Asian countries and Japan is one of them.  In Japan, Hokkaido is known to be the motherland of beer.

Sapporo is a place in Hokkaido, Japan. There is also a museum for beer. Sapporo beer is a must-try for anyone who is visiting there.


food in hokkaido
No doubt, noodles are very very popular in all of the South Asian countries and Japan is also one of those countries.

Soba noodles are very much prominent in Hokkaido, Japan.  The main ingredients of Soba noodles are buckwheat flour. These noodles are way too thick and also chewy. One can enjoy this masterpiece as hot or also as cold.

Soba noodles are served with a local sauce which is named Tsuyu.


hokkaido crab
Crabs are also recognized as Kani in Hokkaido. Hokkaido is already a heaven for seafood enthusiasts. And crabs can add a cherry on the top of it.

There are varieties of crabs known. Some of the names are king crabs, Horsehair crabs, blue king crabs, snow crabs, Hanasaki crabs, and many more.

There in Hokkaido, they also celebrate a festival that is known as the Nemuri crab festival. This is celebrated in the September month of the year.


Due to the most favourable climatic conditions and soil conditions, farmers of Hokkaido are eligible for a growing variety of fruits and vegetables.

Yubari King Melon is one of them. This is the most expensive melon among fruits. One should try this for once.


food in hokkaido
Again another must-try seafood for all seafood lovers. Oysters are known to have glycogen in them. Glycogen is known to have protected people from extreme cold conditions.

People of Hokkaido eat this a lot. People visiting there also try this and enjoy it.


Another must-try dish in Hokkaido.  Hakodate is the best place to try squid. In the local language, squid is also known as Ika.

In the months from July to September, one can enjoy this.

Some of the fine dining restaurants in Hokkaido city, japan


food in hokkaido
This amazing restaurant was established in the year nineteen thousand and fifty-four.  These restaurants have antique interiors.

One can eat almost all the local dishes that one can’t deny. One can get seasoned lamb, lamb rolls, beef, and many more.

The address to this masterpiece is,  1-3-6  Inano, Otaru city, Hokkaido, Japan.


This restaurant, Yamansan Michishita shorten is very well known for its dish that is known as, Kaisendon. This famous restaurant was opened for the public in the year nineteen thousand and fifty-five.

One can get a variety of seafood that is local and also very fresh. One of the most famous and delicious dishes of this particular restaurant is Michishita bow.

The address to this restaurant is 9-15 Wakamatsu- Cho, Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan.


This is another name on this list of famous restaurants. This specific restaurant is very very famous among the foreign tourists who visit here.

One can get homemade noodles, Genki Miso ramen, miso ramen, grilled pork ramen, and many others.

The address to this restaurant is B1 Hokuren Building, 1-1 Kitayonjo Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido, Japan.


This is the next very popular restaurant In Hokkaido, Japan. This is very famous for a dish that is known as caringly boiled lamb stock. The restaurant interior is very much ample.

One can get lamb burg soup curry, spiced lamb bone, lamb, healthy fish soup, beef bone soup, tomato soup, and a few more dishes.

Here, one gets an advantage to choose their spice level and how much spice they want in their dishes.

The address to this restaurant is, B1, Sapporo North Plaza, 4, Kira Ichigo Nishi, Chuo -Ku, Sapporo shi, Hokkaido, Japan.


This restaurant is another name on this specific list of some best restaurants. This restaurant is almost seventy years old. As a result, this restaurant holds an experience and excellence of seventy years.

This has two floors. The first floor is for counter tables. The other floor is for traditional tatami rooms.

Fourteen best places to eat in Hokkaido city, Japan


This amazing restaurant is located away from the main city noises and rush. This is located in a very peaceful place. The interior ornaments of this specific restaurant are also associated with wine.

One can get the best quality of amazing dishes and drinks. There are a variety of wines available to drink. They use hand-made bread, butter, and desserts. They use local ingredients to prepare their dishes.

This restaurant is closed on Sundays.


This is another name on the list of fourteen best places to eat in Hokkaido, Japan. They provide fresh quality tuna all around the year. Also give prime quality sea urchins to people. They give the best banging texture of salmon roe.

According to them, their guest’s needs are to be fulfilled before they ask for it. They have the best quality of service. The staff has a positive attitude. One can get the peace they are looking for at that place. This place provides their guests with a lunch takeout.

This place is open on the days from Tuesday to Sunday.


This is another best place to eat in Hokkaido, Japan. One can get outstanding quality cuts of meat. One can get seasonal roasted meats.

This place is filled with foreigners and local tourists.


Another name in this specific list. The most common dish of this place is Bandit’s stew. One can get Ezo tension, duck, chicken meat, local fresh vegetables, and also raw deer organ meat.

This place also has hanging pots with grapevines in them.


food in hokkaido
This is the next place in this particular list.  This place has selected fresh fish that are hand-picked. There, guests can get twelve variations of seafood.

At that place, the staff is English speaking. One can get the most livable experience.


This is the next best place to eat in Hokkaido city, Japan. One who visits there gets the best of components at the best of price. One gets to try dishes which are of different tastes.


The best dish is, ” eel nigiri” there. They use tasty, eel fat to prepare unique dishes. They also develop their sauces.


This is another successful place to eat in Hokkaido city, Japan. They use fresh and seasonal seafood. They use seafood like urchins, thorny head rockfish, and many others. The most popular dish served here is Sapporo yellow. This is a mildly sweet dish.

This place is closed on Sundays.


food in hokkaido
This is a unique and one of those best places to eat in Hokkaido city. They provide a wide range and varieties of fresh seafood.  Do local cooking and their dishes have extraordinary tastes.  They expend attention to every query and issue of their guests.


This is another name on this specific list of best places to eat in Hokkaido. They provide the best single dishes. Their dishes include lamb shoulder roast, pork, shiraoi beef,

Nakasatsunai chicken, Sangenton pork, and many more dishes of unique and extraordinary tastes.

This place is never closed.

However, there are many places in Hokkaido, Japan to eat, relax and enjoy. But, here we have mentioned a few of the nicest places among them. One can explore more and surprise themselves.


Hokkaido is one of the most favorite places for everyone who loves eating food and also loves trying and exploring various tastes all around the world. Hokkaido is such a place in Japan that will never dishearten or dissatisfy food lovers.

One should go there and taste the years of excellence in their food making, their long history of recipes, and much more.

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