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Hostels: Budget traveling in Japan

Japan is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the worldwide traveller. Japan, brimming with culture and historical treasures, can make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. In stark contrast, Japan is also home to Tokyo, the world’s largest city. Japan is unusual in every way. It is a true east meets the west situation.

Traveling in Japan, which has established itself as one of the world’s economic superpowers, can be costly. Don’t worry about the expense of hostels; we’ve put together an insider’s list to the 24 top hostels in Japan. That way, you can live freely without having to worry about your yen! Consider Japan to be an investment opportunity: you will depart with far more than you came with. You’ll have the time of your life, especially if you stay at some of Japan’s most amazing locations to stay.

Hostels provide the bare necessities for the budget visitor. In exchange for inexpensive charges, they usually provide communal bedrooms and services. Because time will certainly be spent together in common areas, hostels are typically good places to socialise with other visitors. Hostels can be found all across Japan.

Hostels charge between 2000 and 4500 yen per person per night. Room configurations vary by location, but dormitory rooms with double-storied bunk beds are the most popular. Some hostels also include Japanese-style rooms with futons on tatami floors. Rooms are usually shared by four to eight people and are frequently gender-divided. Some hostels also provide private rooms, but this usually increases the price by a few thousand yen. You should expect to have to make your own bed.

We’re gonna look into the best hostels in the following cities:



tokyo hostels in japan


What else can be said about Tokyo? Tokyo, the mega-city and global metropolis – the world’s most populous, in fact – is a sprawling monster for natives and visitors alike. Plan to get lost in Tokyo at least once when visiting Japan, from traditional Japanese curiosities to exotic Nihon nightlife.

We decided to compile a list of the top places to stay in Tokyo after receiving several inquiries about where to stay. We’ve found three fantastic Tokyo hostels that you’ll love just as much as we did!

Kaisu Hostel

Kaisu Hostel was previously a restaurant featuring live Geishas. It is now a magnificent hostel with traditional Japanese-style rooms.

The best thing about Kaisu’s location is that it is surrounded by a lot of serenity, and as a neighbourhood, it is more clean and lovely. The train station is only a 5-minute walk away.

Without a doubt, you’ll like the pod beds with privacy curtains. Our favourite accommodation in Tokyo is Kaisu Hostel!

UNPLAN Shinjuku

Throw all of your plans out the window once you arrive at UNPLAN Shinjuku and succumb to the unexpected!

Through this guide, you’ll have a good sense of what to expect. Expect a cool rooftop space, an in-house bar-restaurant, midweek nights out, and pod beds!

This is a terrific option if you enjoy a combination of sociable and private feelings.

Nui. Hostel & Bar Lounge

Let us introduce you to Nui Hostel & Bar Lounge, a terrific hostel to visit while in Tokyo.

This hostel caters to all types of guests, including solitary travellers, couples, and backpackers. At Nui bar Lounge, you may make your own sushi and meet other visitors and locals.

Nui hostel, located in the Asakusa neighbourhood, is ideal for tourists interested in experiencing Tokyo’s key attractions, such as the 7th-century Senso-ji Buddhist temple and the wonderful eateries and izakaya (bars).




Osaka hostels in japan


If you enjoy the nightlife, hearty street food, and modern architecture, you might enjoy Osaka. Osaka was one of the highlights of our Japan backpacking trip for us.

In any case, you won’t be disappointed with the hostels, especially since we’ve located four, yes FIVE, excellent options for you:

Home Hostel Osaka

There is a reason why Home Hostel Osaka consistently receives great ratings. It is Osaka’s top backpacker hostel!

It’s sleek and cosy, and the dorms are ideal for friendly travellers who want some privacy. That’s right, privacy curtains! Prepare a meal in the kitchen and unwind in the communal lounge and patio.

A variety of restaurants and shops are within a 10-minute walk away from the hostel, which is always a plus.

Coffee & Music Hostel LnK

What is the significance of the word “coffee” in the hostel’s name? It’s possible that it’s because freshly ground drip coffee is served in the morning. Absolutely free!

What jumps out is the use of wood throughout the establishment, particularly on the ground-level bar. This is where you may enjoy a range of Japanese wines as well as a social atmosphere.

There are both normal dorm rooms and Japanese-style futon beds available.

The Dorm Hostel

The Dorm Hostel has been compared as staying in a library with unlimited coffee and tea. Doesn’t that sound nice?

The social room, which has around 2000 volumes, is the core of this establishment. There are also comfortable armchairs!

A 5-minute stroll away will take you to an abundance of culinary options.

Hostel Yu

Hostel Yu has an excellent staff, lovely decor, and high-quality facilities. It debuted in 2018 and has done well since then. There are no private rooms here, but the pod-style dorms more than compensate.

There’s a lovely little place where digital nomads may catch up on work. It includes a window view.



To be honest, Kyoto’s hostels are hard to beat. There’s a beautiful boutique hostel as well as a terrific one for book lovers.

These three Kyoto hostels will completely blow you away:

Book And Bed Tokyo-Kyoto

That is a genuine backpackers hostel in Kyoto!

This is a pretty stunning design hostel that integrates some of our favourite elements, including books, pod-beds, and coffee!

The rooms include almost everything you need, including armchairs, a kettle, a toaster, slippers, and a communal bathroom.

There is a bar and a lounge area that is available to everyone. The staff is also quite pleasant and is always willing to assist… or simply chat. Consider hiring a bike to go about.

Len Kyoto

Len Kyoto is a wonderfully built hostel/café-bar that aims to bring together both locals and visitors. The comfortable lounge space was designed by carpenters from all over the country.

There are dorms with 6-8 beds available, as well as a female dorm. It’s close to the train station and a short walk from the Kamo River.

Piece Hostel Kyoto


Kyoto hostels


This is the fashionable boutique hostel we mentioned before. The Piece Hostel Kyoto was designed with visitors in mind. Without a doubt, a fantastic centre for single travellers and backpackers!

This is obvious in the rooms available. Choose from the following options: 18-bed mixed dorm, Mixed luxury dorm, Female deluxe dorm, Private single, twin + double. A free breakfast is provided, as is a plant-filled terrace.





Isn’t everyone familiar with the storey of Hiroshima? If not, now is the time to start! This creepy location has a lot to teach everyone who comes here. We’ve also identified three fantastic hostels for you:

Hiroshima Saijo Youth Hostel

First and foremost, we have a simple dorm-style lodging that is conveniently located about one minute from the Saijo train station. The rooms, albeit modest, are air-conditioned/heated, and each bed has its own curtain, lamp, and plug socket.

The personnel will make you feel right at home. They also offer some locally produced sake for you to sample! You can spend a little extra for a western breakfast in the morning if you want.

Hostel Mallika


Hostel Mallika


Stay at Hostel Mallika if you want some seclusion with the opportunity of socialising.

As you can see, the mattresses are designed to be little caves where you may comfortably hide. Otherwise, get a cup of coffee in the kitchen with your roommates and recommend a trip to the Atomic Bomb Dome, which is only 400m away.

Roku Hostel

Roku Hostel is ideal for female lone travellers and couples. The women will appreciate the female dorm, while couples will appreciate the excellent futon beds. Oh, it’s so Japanese!

We like the bike rental option, as well as the fact that everyone is greeted with a drink. There’s also a communal kitchen.

They, like many of the hostels on this list, provide complimentary luggage storage. Simply ask them!



Fukuoka is a charming combination of historic temples, beaches, and modern retail centres. This is one of the rare sites in Japan where we’ve located three excellent hostels, including:


Riverside Hostel YuRa River Susaki

Riverside Hostel YuRa River Susaki is ideal for families and groups because the accommodations are spacious.

There are no dorms here; instead, there are family rooms with a mix of double, single, and couch beds. Each room includes its own bathroom, a kettle, and a microwave. It’s more like a hotel than a hostel.

Yado 01

The social spaces are Yado 01’s genuine selling feature. There is a rooftop, terrace, and a small living space with a television. The rooms are cosy, especially the private single, which is large enough to hold a bed and a bag.

We propose staying in a dorm room to meet new people.

We Base Hakata Hostel

WeBase Hakata Hostel trip
Here’s an excellent example of a capsule hostel. The beds are wonderful, and they even have hangers! Sinks and mirrors are even available in the larger dorms.

The spacious common space is perfect for digital nomads, bookworms, and social butterflies. It’s a really cool place.

Enjoy the convenience of being half a kilometre near Shofukuji Temple.


Okinawa Island

Okinawa Island, located in the East China Sea, has a wealth of natural beauty to discover. You’ll also be pleased to learn that there are three fantastic hostels to select from:

The Lanai Hostel

The Lanai Hostel is uncomplicated but pleasant. It has everything you need for a relaxing stay without breaking the bank. Dorms are large, with 10-beds, including a female dorm, and there are other private alternatives. We’d recommend this hostel for couples because it’s less social than others.

Makishi station is around 200 metres away and connects you to important sightseeing destinations.


Hostel Mosura no Tamago

Hostel Mosura no Tamago stay
This eye-catching hostel provides fantastic rooms as well as excellent communal facilities. Although there are no dorms, the single and twin rooms are elegantly furnished and ideal for travelling couples, friends, and small families.

There’s a terrace, a garden, and plenty of dining spots right off the kitchen. We’d be astonished if you didn’t make some new friends while you’re here!

Seawall Hostel

The name Seawall Hostel is direct and to the point. That is sometimes all that is required!

Everything is spotless, and the pod-style beds are more big than they appear. Of course, nice employees make all the difference, and you will not be disappointed here.

The gorgeous coral blue water is only a 2-minute walk away — yay!

Ensuite Hostel Base Okinawa

Base Okinawa is the ideal hostel for those on a tight budget. Just a minute’s walk from Naminoue Beach, this tiny and cozy Okinawa guest house knows how to make you feel at ease.

Visitors have the option of staying in mixed dorms or private rooms.

Check out the goodies available at this hostel!

  • WiFi is free and fast,
  • Air conditioning,
  • a shared kitchen,
  • snorkeling equipment, and
  • a bike parking space are all available.



To spice things up a little, we have two hostels in Otari for you to pick from:

Hakuba Cortina Lodge

Do you want to go skiing in Japan? The Hakuba Cortina Lodge is located in the foothills of the Cortina ski area.

The lodge is very fancy, and it’s ideal for backpackers and couples searching for a wonderful private choice.

Keep warm by visiting the on-site bar and restaurant. On the menu, you’ll find a blend of western and Japanese cuisine. There’s even a pool table in the bar!

Hai Lodge

Hai, which means “yes” in Japanese, is a word you’ll hear a lot at Hai Lodge.

If you want the following, you must do the following:

  • A drink at the on-site bar.
  • You have access to some of the best powder skiing in the world.
  • Dorms can be private or shared.
  • Breakfast is complimentary.
  • Reception is open 24 hours a day, linen is provided, and parking is free.




Takayama’s natural beauty may astound you. It is referred to as the “Japanese Alps.”

Even more so when you learn about our newly new 5 Star Hostel in the neighbourhood. In fact, there are two excellent hostels to select from:

Cup of Tea 5 Star Hostel

Cup of Tea –5 Star Hostel
If you’re a Brit, your ears probably perked up when you heard Cup of Tea. We’re glad we piqued your interest!

We’ve discovered one of the world’s smallest 5 Star Hostels, with only 18 beds and a lovely Japanese garden. The pod-style dorms with privacy-conscious design are our favourite. If you’re travelling with a partner, we highly recommend the futon and tatami floor room. Gorgeous!

The staff speaks English fluently, and the restored Old Town is a short walk away.

Relax Hostel Takayama Station

Relax Hostel first opened its doors in 2017 with a clean, modern appearance. This isn’t only a hostel; it also has a sake bar! Sake is only a one-minute walk away from Takayama Station.

WiFi is offered in the common area to assist you in becoming more social. But don’t forget to put your phone down and interact with others. A tiny kitchenette is attached.

There are privacy-conscious dorms accessible. We recommend that you treat yourself to a double bed in the mixed dorm – cool!



There’s no time to waste when there’s so much to see and do in Kanazawa. Examine out:

LINNAS Kanazawa

LINNAS Kanazawa
The bar area is likely to be the first thing you see while checking in at LINNAS. Enjoy local beers and finger snacks at this well termed “social bar.”

The compact, comfortable dorms with a security box and privacy curtain are our favourite. There are double and twin rooms available, as well as a female dorm.

There are no longer shared dorms available here, only private rooms.

The Share Hotels Hatchi – 5 Star Hostel

We hope you like sharing; it’s a lovely thing to do! The Share Hotels Hatchi understands the concept of sharing… and caring.

The personnel of The Share Hotels Hatchi Kanazawa are passionate about promoting everything Japanese, including the food, artists’ work, and culture.

The community space in the basement has to be the coolest feature of the hostel. Oh, and the interior is brimming with personality.



In Nara, you may admire 8th-century temples and get up and personal with roaming deer in Nara Park. Check out the two coolest hostels we discovered:

Oak Hostel

Oak Hostel in japan
The Oak Hostel is at a fantastic central location. Kintetsu station is one minute away on foot, while Nara Park is less than ten. The dorms are large, but that doesn’t matter when you have your own curtain and plug socket. If you like, there are also private rooms available.

Make sure to have a look at the rooftop space. It has simple seats and fantastic views!


Hostel & Gallery G is good

This is a fantastic budget hostel that does not skimp on comfort, cleanliness, or flair.

For starters, the rooms are big and well-designed. The beds are ready-made, and the pod beds include a little locker area!

Food and beverages are available for purchase at the on-site bar. You’ll be given a complimentary drink to help you settle comfortably. Breakfast is included as well.

Before you disappear into the magnificence of Japan’s hostelling throughout the islands, there are a couple of last essentials to cover: safety and packing! Sure, Japan is a tremendously safe place to visit, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be aware of the risks. There is no such thing as being overly prepared. Take it from us: packing for a hostel stay isn’t always as simple as it appears. Working out what to pack and what to leave at home is a skill we’ve honed over the years.

You did it! Are you excited about your vacation to Japan right now? Don’t get your knickers in a bunch if there are simply too many options. Keep things simple by booking a room at our top-rated hostel in Japan.

But keep in mind that these hostels sell like hotcakes and fill up quickly. Make your bookings as soon as possible to avoid heartbreak!

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