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The Guide for getting a Debit card in Japan as a Foreigner


debit card in japan as a foreigner

Debit cards are the cards issued by banks to people having a bank account in different parts banks of the world. They are a combination of ATM cards and credit cards and are linked directly to one’s bank account in a bank. When the bills are paid by using a debit card, the amount comes directly from the accounts and there is no presence of the bills later on.


Japan is still a cash-based country. people living here, still prefer cash. The government of Japan set campaigns to go cashless. Various programs are done to motivate people, to use cash as little as possible for them to use. And they are telling people to use cashless payments more and more. The government also came up with the idea that anyone using up cashless mode, will get few amounts of cash backs. This is just to motivate the country men’s and women’s and push them to go cashless. There is also a campaign where, while going cashless, one gets backs from the stores, where they are doing their payments. However, these are such good initiatives.

Many foreigners find it so difficult to apply and get a debit card in Japan. The first initial step is to have all the documents with you. The documents required to get a debit card in japan are as follows –


debit card in japan as a foreigner documents you need

  •    A passport

  • Any identification card

  • Your health assurance

  • Residency card

One can also borrow money or cash from the bank through credit cards and pay their respective bills.

How to apply for a Debit Card in Japan:

For applying for a debit card in japan one needs a bank account in a Japanese bank. No bank account can get very hard to get a debit card. One should also need a full-time job. No full-time job and no bank account can lead to the way to having no debit cards.

From  Rakuten, one can easily and quickly get a debit card in Japan.

From the Suruga bank, it is very hard to get a debit card in Japan. And there is one more disadvantage that not every store accepts the card of Suruga bank.

Things to keep in mind while applying for a debit card in japan:

One should strictly fulfill the eligibility criteria put in place by the bank one will choose from where one will get the debit card or the criteria put in front by the provider.

One can easily get these criteria information online. Few banks and providers have strict eligibility criteria for issuing a debit card. If someone chooses to fill and apply for issuing debug card online, there they are asked a wide range of questions, which includes their personal life questions.

Questions asked frequently:

They ask them about their family, life, their schooling, their employment, and how they will use the debit card issued to them.

Banks like MUFJ bank, SMBC bank, and Mizuho bank offer debut cards and other related cards to people in japan who are from other or foreign countries. Before applying for a debit card, one should have completed their living in Japan for more than 6 months.  And should strictly have a residency card. It is said to apply in their local branch.


Sometimes, it just takes one week to issue a debit card, if someone is having a bank account, within applying for it.

There are few banks and their memberships for having the cards.


Rakuten cards have a free membership. EPOS cards have also a free membership. LUMINE cards have a first-year free membership after that they include taxes on it. MUJI cards have the same, free membership for having their cards. JAL cards have the first year free membership, after that, they include taxes for having their cards.

There is a sea of choices but for foreigners, the above mentioned are best. If someone is new in Japan and has not completed their six months, of stay or they have come for studies, then they should choose Rakuten’s debit cards. These are the cards issued by their company, Rakuten group. There is no annual fee for it. One will get one point for spending a hundred yen. second is the EPOS card, which is issued by Marui groups .one can get an EPOS card immediately when applied for .one can get one point for spending two hundred yen. EPOS card is very much shopping friendly. one can opt for this.

The third one is the  LUMINE card. This card is issued by the  LUMINE group. The first year of membership is free for someone owning, the Lumine’s debit card. One having the LUMINE card if they buy lumine products can get ten percent off on it. This is also great for someone residing in Japan and needs a debit card. The fourth one is the MUJI Card. This card is issued by credit saison. One can earn one point for every one thousand yen spent.  The fifth one is the JAL card. This is issued by the JAL group of companies. Debit cards in Japan offer a lot of benefits in shopping and flight rides. Debit cards in Japan are getting popular day by day among Japanese people.

In Japan, debit cards can be owned by teens also. They can use it for their purposes.

Procedures for applying:

Procedures of getting the debit card by a foreigner living in japan if having a bank account is very simple to apply and get a card issued. one can apply online and offline too, as in person. They can choose their preference as per their choice.  If someone is not having a bank account, then they need to open their bank account and at that time only, they should apply for having a debit card in Japan. Mostly, banks ask their customers if they want a debit card or not.

Someone opening their bank account can get their debit card within seven to ten days. This thing depends upon bank to bank. After getting your debit card, you should sign at the proper places were asked to. This procedure is a must for everyone owning a debit card. But, if someone doesn’t have a sufficient amount of money in their account, they won’t be able to use their debit cards. If someone is paying in installments, they can not use their debit card for this purpose. Few people, still don’t accept debit cards in Japan.

Rakuten card is also known as “Amazon of Japan”. Cards when used in their groups, give more benefits to the owner having that company’s debit cards. Most of the debit cards also give benefits to the owner at the airport in many possible ways. It all depends on companies, and if which company’s debit card they are using. There is also a card called orico card, this is only available for people applying for it are above age eighteen.

They only they can get an orico card. There is also a card named JCB card, it is Japan-based. One can apply for this company’s card and get it from other banks or any provider, they applied from. They can also give their application directly to the  JCB itself and get accepted for their cards to use. They provide many benefits to their cards owners. Few cards in the JCB groups aim at people aged thirty-nine. People aged thirty-nine get extra benefits from the JCB groups. They have few cards which only is aimed at women, in that they give extra benefits to women having of owning that card.

They also provide premium cards to applicants applying for them. To own these one should have crossed the age of eighteen. Few cards also have few schemes, according to which, if the owner prefers the cards they are using to someone, then they also get benefitted. There is another card named the  EPOS card. This card is issued by the  Marui department stores. One, if they want this debit card can apply online for it or they can directly refer to the department stores themselves. They can apply from the department stores too. They can choose to apply online also.  This card has the benefit that this card’s application is accepted in one day, that is the same day. Those who are in hurry can choose to get and apply for this.  Debit cards also come in design and color in Japan. This all looks beautiful.

If someone wants to customize their debit cards, then they have to pay extra for this customization. Banks and providers have their acceptance policy for providing or issuing debit cards to someone. Therefore, it is most likely that someone can get rejected also for having or getting issued debit cards to them. Anyone who is thinking to apply for a debit card, and wants that, should first read all those strict policies and acceptance criteria for having a debit card.

J trust does is most trusted and foreigners friendly. They offer debit cards for foreigners. Anyone can apply online for their debit card to have. This is foreigners friendly, as they got their application process in English, so that is easy for foreigners to apply. One can apply online also. Anyone can apply for debit cards, go on the bank’s website or go to the bank itself. They can get their debit cards issued, by going to the provider.  Once, they get their debit card and pin, they can use it anywhere asked for or anywhere needed.

Debit cards can also be issued on the bank accounts already in existence. There are few incidences, where foreigners find it too difficult to make their debit cards get issued. Despite getting married to a Japanese, they find it difficult for their debit card to get issued. They may not have fulfilled the strict criteria to have a debit card and to use it publically in Japan being a foreigner. so, they may not have got their debit cards to get issued.

However, banks have many other alternative options for this and they always try to make the applicants feel comfortable and at ease.  Still, sometimes Japan most of the time gets trolled for issuing debit cards. Once the trollers said, about the question that, which is the best debit card? , the trollers replied, that whoever accepts your application, is best! J -Trust MasterCard is so safe to use. They also have various policies for debit cards owners. It provides reasonable security to debit cards owners which support foreigners, having everything in English and making an easy for the foreigners to use their cards and to get connected with them. It also help the debit cards owners, by giving protection against fraud and thefts.

They also say their debit cards owners, to not worry about overspending. However, they have a demerit, that like other companies or organizations, they don’t provide any pint systems for their debit cards owners. Like, on any use of debit cards, other organizations or companies provide points to their debit cards owners. And after reaching, a maximum number of points chosen by banks themselves for their debit cards owners, they get fixed rewards or something.

But, this policy is not provided by J – Trust Master Cards. One should see all the pros and cons of any debit cards they are choosing for themselves to use in the future, for their purpose. They should have properly researched everything about how to apply, where to apply, websites, frauds, thefts, and many others including the language.

J- trust master cards work on deposit-based policies. Where first they have to deposit a fixed amount of money into it and then only they can use the debit card with the help of their pins already provided. Initial deposits are a must when someone is having a J-trust master card or their debit card. Japan also offers a card called life cards for the users. This is also deposit- based card. First, one has to make a fixed amount of deposit on their cards, then only they can use it and get benefited, with the benefits provided by the bank.

In the end, one should have proper knowledge and research about everything about the banks, providers, and websites.

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