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Japan Tours and Life Style


Japan is a well-developed nation having one of the best economic scale rankings among all other nations. This country offers a harmonious and safe society for anyone to live in. Being an economic powerhouse with its GDP being in the third position, it is a highly developed and technologically advanced country.

Popular among tourists for its rich cultural background, scenic natural beauty, magnificent architecture and skylines, quirky pop culture, intriguing traditions. But it is not only drawing the attention of tourists but also of all those people who seek employment in this nation. Here both government and private organisations work hand in hand to boost the workforce which includes providing huge opportunities and encouraging people to work in Japan. But working in Japan needs a Japan work permit about which we will discuss here.

japan work permit
It’s a hub for IT professionals and the reason is that it has sophisticated and futuristic technologies and a well thriving market This country has high moral values and firmly believes in continuous improvement of their employees which directly states that here one can be assured of their job stability as long as they are loyal and dedicated to their company. The IT market is expanding globally on a vast scale and emerging technologies require a strong, skilled, and talented workforce. What attracts people to work here, is the incentives and the job stability provided to them.

This nation provides people with a plethora of employment opportunities to lead a productive and fulfilling life. The government is working on a huge scale to bring in a lot of foreigners be it for academic purposes or job opportunities. Since 2020 English lessons have been made compulsory for elementary school. Through this investment in the English language field, the government is trying its best to provide ease to English speakers, be it on a general level for their daily lives or by providing job opportunities.

The changes in visa facilities like the relaxation of visa requirements, increment in the number of working visas, changes in immigration policies e.t.c. These are a few steps that the government has taken that have attracted a lot of people who are seeking employment and are talented. With relatively high salary packages, job stability, pension, convenient lifestyle, medical care, pretty good incentives people automatically get driven to this country. Japan itself is facing a huge crisis of workforce as they have a rapidly ageing population and a declining birth rate which ultimately degrades the situation.

To combat this situation they need people who are talented and as well as skilled in their respective field shield overseas. With all these points taken Into consideration, it’s a win-win situation for both the workers and the recruiters and also for the government. People who work in Japan have a lot to add to their CV because of the knowledge and skills they acquire there. Needless to say, adding to the point that one has experience of working in Japan enhances their career significantly.

Not just in the tech field, where there are a lot of unique job markets that are thriving and giving out endless opportunities for fresh talents. This nation is a leading research and development force in many industries and that is what attracts a lot of professionals to practice and sharpen their skills here. With a strong academic community, great opportunity for learning, good teamwork, people get inspired to dedicate their efforts here.

The government also gives preferential treatment to all those skilled professionals by giving them a permanent resident status which is a highly uncommon thing. To accelerate the inflow of highly skilled talent the government also provides social security like social insurance schemes, labour insurance schemes e.t.c.

They along with organisations provide various chances for internships that help people to amplify their special skills, enhance their language and communication skills and experience Japanese business practices. They support entrepreneurs who are mostly foreign nationals by supporting their businesses or launching their startups. Here lies high spirited and strong international business community, numerous international chambers of commerce that provide young business professionals with an array of networking associations and chances to explore a different arena of market.

People from other nations often get impressed by Japanese people’s approach towards their work. They do their work meticulously, with a lot of dedication, in a well-structured way, and are quite thoughtful and very hard working. Major industries that are thriving and recruiting a lot of professionals from overseas are agriculture, manufacturing, healthcare, aerospace, automobiles, tourism, banking, retail, telecommunications, information technology, consumer products, pharmaceuticals e.t.c.

This country offers a mesmerizing natural beauty along with well-developed hi-tech cities well equipped with all the facilities and both these scenarios blend very well. People consider working and migrating to this country for an exciting experience and lifestyle. Taking into consideration its excellent infrastructure, highly efficient and reasonably priced transportation system, well access to public services like high-quality healthcare and municipal facilities et. c., marvellous education system, low crime rate, and safe society not to mention its appetizing food one can always feel drawn towards this country.

Japanese people are very much serious regarding their work and the environment in which they work. They are always ready to give their country a lot in all possible ways. Working in Japan can be a dream for many people out there from all over the world. But, there are a lot of terms and conditions to visit there and obviously, to work there. Working in Japan requires a permit which is also known as a work permit. With the help of a work permit, one can easily work in Japan fulfilling all the requirements and eligibility demanded by the Japanese government in Japan.

With the help of a work permit, one can work in japan for a particular time being only. If someone wants to continue again working in japan, they have to follow a few procedures again and fulfil the eligibility criteria and requirements by the Japanese government.

Japanese people demand hard work and loyalty from their workers in japan. By working in japan, one can get job security, a good working environment

Why work in japan

japan work permit
There can be various reasons for opting to work in Japan. There can be personal reasons too, for working there. Many people opt to work in japan for many better opportunities in other countries and Japan can be a very good option in giving that opportunity to the deserving one. Some also think that they may get better exposure in foreign countries and Japan is one of those better options for better exposure to deserving. Japan is one of the most technologically advanced countries. This can benefit a lot many people who would like to work in Japan in the future.

Japan always works in the field of research and development for everyone. This can add the best exposure to anyone who wishes to work there.

Japan provides a clean and safe working environment for everyone who works there, even if they are any Japanese people from Japan or any international foreigner who came there to work.

The government of japan launches a lot many schemes for any international airport who comes to work there in their country. Japanese government always tries to encourage foreigners to come and work in Japan.

Benefits to japan for permitting for work

When any country permits or gives a permit to a person from other countries to come and work in their country, then that country is benefited in many possible ways.

Similarly, Japan has also been benefited in the same way.

For having paid employment in Japan, one who is from outside of Japan, needs a work visa, japan work visa.

Types of visas

There are three types of Japanese work visas. They are as follows-

  • Regular work visa
  • Highly skilled professionals visa
  • Working holiday visa
  1. Regular work visa

A regular work visa is given to someone who is not from Japan and from a particular profession that is either a professor or an artist.

2. Highly skilled professionals visa

This visa works on a particular system that is, by a point-based system. This visa has a permit for a longer stay than the regular work visa. This highly skilled professional visa also has more benefits than a regular work visa.

3. Working holiday visa

This working holiday visa is only given to citizens who are from a country that has a holiday working agreement with japan.

japan work permit

Why the need for a work visa

A work visa is a must and a need for every foreigner from other countries who want to work in Japan and stay there in japan. If someone wants to stay in Japan for a longer duration then, they have to take a permanent visa for their work and stay.

Name of Professionals who are eligible to get a work visa

Any person who is an artist in their country and wants to come and work in Japan. Artists can be a photographer, a songwriter, or a composer. Businessmen can also apply for a work visa and come to work in Japan. An entertainer can also come to Japan on a work visa.

Entertainers can be an actor, a singer, a dancer, or many other things. Work visa also works for someone who is transferred from one company to another company, from one country to Japan. Journalists can also get a work visa for working in Japan. Researchers can also go for work with a work visa to Japan and can work there. Pilots can also get a work visa. Someone who is a sports trainer can also get a work visa and work in Japan.

Documents needed to apply for a work visa to work in japan

  1. Certificate of eligibility
  2. Work visa application form which is filled
  3. Passport
  4. Passport size photos
  5. Work history from where someone has worked for a particular time being

Before applying for a work visa, a certificate of eligibility is a must and for that, one has to send many demanded documents to the employer of japan. Employers of japan will be in charge of handing you the certificate of eligibility to whoever is applying for it. Then after getting that, one can move for further verification and processes.

Time duration to get them

It takes a maximum of five to ten days to get a work visa after applying for it. But, it takes almost three months to get the certificate of eligibility.

Process after reaching Japan

When one will reach at the entry point in japan with a work visa, they will get permission to enter and can work there in japan. They will get a permit which works in the place of work visa. That can also be used as a japan work permit.

The time limit for a work visa to work in japan

Three months

Five years

One year

Four months

Process of increasing the time limit of the work visa to work in japan

One can do this at the immigration office, there in japan itself.

Things needed for this process-

  • Form of increasing the time duration
  • Passport
  • Residency card, where they are staying
  • Photographs
  • Annual income proof
  • Salary proof
  • Proof of meeting all the financial requirements in japan

This is the way to get a work visa. If someone wants to stay there and to work there for a longer period then they can apply for that too.

Covid and its effects on employment

Due to the covid outbreaks all over the world, everything has been shut down and has been lagging in all sectors. Countless people lost their jobs, wherever they were working. Travelling was also banned from one country to another country. It was nearly impossible for anyone to get a job or to find better options in other countries.

But, now the situation is coming under control and people are getting employed.

And it is also possible for the general public or people to travel to the other countries and get enhanced.

Here are some tips on Japanese fashion to help out.

At the end of this article, I want to end this by saying, everyone working and staying there without hurting anyone and happy working there in japan.

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