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11 Tasty Osaka Food To Try


Osaka Food: Osaka is a lot of fun, and it’s easy to get into the city’s unique food culture. It is also a lot of it is cheap, fried, and tasty.  kuidaore means “to damage yourself via excessive eating.” It is because of this spirit that Osaka has become Japan’s cuisine capital and one of the top gastronomic cities in the world.

Even when facing difficult opponents like Tokyo, the city with the most Michelin-starred restaurants on the planet. Kuidaore’s approach distinguishes Osakans in their single-minded pursuit of gustatory superiority. You can easily load yourself with all kinds of strange and amazing Japanese dishes. In this complete Osaka food guide, learn about Kansai cuisine and where to eat in Osaka.

Tasty Osaka  Food


Food Takoyaki - osaka famous food

If you’ve done any research on Osaka and its street food, you’ve almost certainly come across takoyaki. It is octopus balls topped with aonori and served with a special takoyaki sauce, bonito flakes, spring onions, and Japanese mayonnaise (edible green seaweed). In Japan, these delectable little hot savory balls with a bit of octopus in the middle are known as “soul food” and are extremely popular among natives. Takoyaki translates to “grilled octopus.” Tako means “octopus” and yaki means “grilled or fried”.

Takoyaki can be found on almost every street corner in Osaka, but  Akaoni is a must-try. It was one of the greatest takoyaki restaurants in the city, according to the Michelin guide. But it was forced to close because of the pandemic. But there are many takoyaki restaurants on every corner in Osaka, but here are a couple that is rated among the best.

Atchichi-hompo Dotombori, TakoTako Osaka, and Takoyaki Yamachan honten.



Okonomiyaki in Osaka

Osaka okonomiyaki, a meal that originated in Osaka it is comparable to takoyaki in terms of constituent makeup.

Many people enjoy okonomiyaki, and because of its widespread popularity in Osaka. It is something you should try when you visit. Part of the fun of eating okonomiyaki is watching it being prepared right in front of your eyes.

Flour, eggs, dashi stock (dry fish stock), and a lot of finely sliced cabbage are all used in the batter. After the batter has been well mixed, it is fried on a hot griddle at the restaurant. It is immediately decorated in front of you with the contents to complete the okonomiyaki variant you requested.

The okonomiyaki is then divided into pizza-like slices, which you may consume by cutting off a bite or lifting your entire slice to your mouth with your unique spatula.



Kushikatsu in Osaka

Kushikatsu is an appealing snack in Osaka, and one of the city’s most popular meals that you must taste on your visit. The term refers to skewered meat or veggies, similar to yakitori chicken sticks, however, they’re not just chicken and are panko-crumbed and deep-fried. Daruma, now one of the city’s largest and most well-known kushikatsu restaurant chains, is reported to have begun selling kushikatsu, or skewered beef, as a fast fix lunch for laborers in 1929. Kushikatsu, which is inexpensive, simple, and, of course, tasty, grew in popularity among Osaka’s working-class residents throughout the war years.

Fast forward to now, and who doesn’t enjoy skewers of bite-sized deep-fried morsels? You may get them on the street or order them a la carte at specialty restaurants all across Osaka. If you’re looking for Osaka’s best kushikatsu, head to the nostalgic Shinsekai, where several eateries are open 24 hours a day, or the Tsutenkaku area. Double-dipping is a big no-no, so keep that in mind. In Osaka’s pleasant drinking culture, kushikatsu is a must-have food to go with a sake or a beer.



Ikayaki Osaka Famous Food

Ikayaki is the name for squid from Osaka. Squid is referred to as “ika,” and fried is referred to as “yaki.” There are two forms of Ikayaki: one is simply grilled squid that is then chopped into bite-sized pieces and can be found all across Japan, and the other is grilled squid that is then sliced into bite-sized pieces. The other is a type of squid pancake that is very popular in Osaka.

Ikayaki is an element of Osaka’s ‘powder culture.’ This concentrates upon flour-based foods that are quick and delicious. This Osaka squid pancake is reported to have originated in the Momodani Yakiya Kaiyukan shop around 1950. Ikayaki was formed in the same way that okonomiyaki was created by combining common ingredients. The use of a batter and thinly sliced squid allowed people to swiftly cream flavor and nutrition into the dish.



 Yakiniku Famous food in Osaka

Not only does Japan excel at serving fish and shellfish. But grilled Japanese beef and steak is another cuisine you won’t want to miss while visiting Osaka. Japanese beef is the holy grail of meat for almost any meat lover. It’s the kind of steak you’ll dream about. Yakiniku is a Japanese method of grilling beef in which the meat is cooked on a tabletop charcoal grill in the center of the table. Yakiniku, which is similar to Korean barbecue, meaning “grilled beef” and is a popular dish in Osaka. Kobe is home to the world-famous Kobe beef, which is regarded as one of Japan’s highest-quality wagyu (Japanese beef). You can grill with your friends in yakiniku restaurants all across Osaka, or get grilled wagyu pork sticks to-go from a street seller.



Horumon (Grilled intestines) - Osaka, Japanchunks

Horumon  is similar to yakiniku, except you’re cooking various random meat components including organs, offal, giblets, and innards.  It was first introduced to Osaka by a yoshoku (Western-style cuisine) chef in 1940. who promptly patented the phrase “horumonyaki.” Horumon is derived from the term hormone, which also serves as a double meaning because it sounds close to the Kansai-Osaka dialect phrase for “discarded products,” which corresponds to the Japanese philosophy of mottainai, or avoiding waste.

Horumonyaki is both practical and delicious, having a reputation for being a “stamina-building” cuisine that pairs well with beer. A delectable entry-level horumon is beef sinew grilled in sweet miso and mirin sugar marinade (doteyaki). Grilled livers, kidneys, intestines, and hearts, grilled livers, kidneys, intestines, and hearts, try it all and grill your horumonyaki in Osaka.


Osaka food

Udon is a thick, chewy Japanese noodle made from wheat flour that can be eaten in a variety of ways. Aside from the thickness difference, udon is a more elegant noodle option than ramen.

It appears to be a bit plainer in flavor (the broth or sauce is often not as heavy or salty as ramen). It’s a more delicately flavored noodle, with a more delicate eating manner.

It is one of the popular Osaka food. Udon noodles come in a variety of flavors and preparations, including curry, hot soup, cold soup, and even dry with a dipping sauce.

Even though restaurants in Osaka provide a variety of Japanese udon dishes, kitsune udon is a local favorite style. It was originated in the city. The udon noodles are served in a light dashi stock broth with a piece of sweet stewed tofu as the main garnish.



oden | Osaka Japanchunks

Oden is a Japanese winter dish that consists of a variety of ingredients boiled in a broth with a hint of both dashi and soy sauce. giving it a mild and calming flavor. While the oden pot can be filled with a variety of foods like daikon and yaki chikuwa. Oden is a type of Japanese dish that comes in a wide variety of flavors and may be found anywhere in Japan.

The kitsune variant of udon noodles was originated in Osaka and is popular throughout Japan. The Osaka food style soup has noodles in a light dashi fish stock broth and is topped with a piece of deep-fried tofu skin (abura-age) that has been stewed in sweet soy sauce. The word “kitsune” comes from the legend that abura-age is a fox’s favorite food, and is also used on the outside of an inarizushi (rice ball wrapped in tofu skin). Although this simple yet satisfying udon meal originated in Osaka, it is now frequently consumed throughout Japan.


Sushi and Sashimi

Sushi Sashimi Japanese -Osaka japanchunks

The simplicity, freshness, and presentation are all characteristics that lead to sushi being such a wonderful dining experience in Japan. Sushi and sashimi are found everywhere in Osaka. From supermarkets and cheap booths to high-end sushi restaurants and everything in between.

When visiting Osaka, you must eat the local sushi and sashimi, which are simple but wonderful. It’s unexpected that Osaka, as a port city, features one of Japan’s largest fish markets, Osaka Central Fish Market. Osaka has a laid-back beach vibe with canals flowing across the city and fresh, high-quality seafood to match. Freshly sliced sushi may be found all across the city, from the finest sushi restaurants to small markets like Kuromon Ichiba. Even store sushi bento boxes are exceptionally fresh and convenient to grab when you’re exploring on the run. Sushi on conveyor belts is a pleasant, laid-back way to eat sushi in Osaka, but sitting down to an omakase chef’s special sashimi plate is also a must-do.


Kappo Cuisine

Osaka famous food

Kappo is Osaka’s answer to gourmet dining, a specialized meal that rivals Kyoto’s beautiful kaiseki. In Kyoto, a kaiseki meal is a multi-course meal that combines craft and food. Kappo in Osaka is similar in that it serves high-end cuisine with a focus on cutting, cooking, and preparation, rather than hiding what goes on behind the scenes. It’s a touch more rustic, but the end product is always fresh and inventive foods that are attractively presented every time.

Dining at Kappo is unique as it is an open kitchen and chefs working right in front of you. You watch the chefs prepare your meal as they watch you eat; it’s an immersive, interactive experience that can only be found in Osaka. Kigawa, along with other high-class eateries, is the big brand in kappo dining in Osaka. Osaka’s famous food is must-try kappo, the Osaka food variant of kaiseki cuisine.



Steamed pork buns - Butaman, Osaka

It is a dish of steamed pork which was originated in China now in japan. With their headquarters located in the center of Namba, the exquisite pork bun specialists at 551. Horai have brought Osaka some recognition in the butaman game. Due to its popularity that 170,000 buns are sold every single day! The butaman are always great, with juicy pork and spongy buns, and their other dumplings, such as gyoza, are also delicious. It’s a must-try snack in Osaka, sold in sets of even numbers for good luck.


Jiggly Cheesecake


Rikuro Nishimura founded Rikuro-Ojiisan, the company in charge of manufacturing Japan’s fluffiest baked cheesecake (or, Uncle Rikuro).  Rikuro began his career as a poor pastry cook before becoming famous for inventing the popular Japanese cheesecake. This jiggly, wobbling, sweet, and delicious cheesecake is a must-try dessert in Osaka.

Rikuro’s flagship store is in Namba, and the Kansai region has 11 more locations. To have a taste come to Osaka It’s without a doubt one of Japan’s best cheesecakes.


So there you have it: all of your favorite Japanese foods that symbolize Osaka in some manner. With our handy guide, you can explore the many regions of Osaka and know exactly what to eat in Osaka. It is a place to find street food as well as a gourmet kappo lunch. Try okonomiyaki, takoyaki, sushi, and kushikatsu, and make sure to sample okonomiyaki, takoyaki, sushi, and kushikatsu. Osaka is referred to as Japan’s kitchen, you can always count on a high standard of Osaka food quality.

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