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Why Part-time Jobs in Japan?

Part-time Jobs are supposed to have great benefits in the life of students. It not only supports students financially but also makes them independent. It also give them experience before the students will start their permanent professional careers. They fulfill the need for pocket money for students. Part-time jobs also make responsible to the students. This thing teaches the students about time management, which is a very much important thing in today’s life. This also teaches students to, how to become responsible. This thing makes them realize about today’s outer world, this also helps them to come out of their shell. This part-time culture is very much popular in Asian countries such as Japan. Students here prefer doing part times for themselves. And this is very good to do. Below discussed are a few part-time jobs for students and done by students in Japan.

Restrictions doing Part-Time Jobs in Japan:

There are many restrictions in doing part-time jobs for students in japan. Any student can only do part-time for only twenty-eight hours a week, that is in seven days. So, there is only permitted to do part-time for students only eight hours a day.

Payment factor for Part-time Jobs In Japan :

Students are paid on an hourly basis. Here, there is a big difference between payments in day part-time and night part-time for students. One can choose by their comfort, that when they want to do the part-time. The average payment in the day part-time is nine hundred seventy to nine hundred seventy-five yens. If any student wishes to work in a hotel or something at the night time, they get an average payment of one thousand to one thousand one hundred yens. Few workplaces also provide travel fairs to students who come to have their part-time. Hourly payment is also known as GQ in Japan.

At night, payment can increase up to twenty-five percent. It is costly to stay and survive in Japan. And for students, it is many expenditures to spend on. They have rents, school fees, student loans, and many more to pay. So, it is advised to work part-time to do for students. And there is no shame in doing that.

Few part times jobs:

Teaching is very popular and students friendly part-time for students in Japan. They not only get earned from this but they also gain a lot of knowledge and revise their knowledge and what they have studied in past. This profession also helps them to prepare for their further entrance exams and much more benefits. This is also a very respectable job. Students who like teaching others and giving knowledge to others, sharing their knowledge will double their knowledge, can proudly opt for this part-time for themselves. However, a bachelor’s degree is a must for becoming a professional teacher. One who wants to continue their professional career in this line can also do this.

Why part-time jobs are required:

It is suggested to do part times for all students. This can make them improve in their languages and can give many benefits. One can choose part-time in a restaurant where part-time is allowed for serving to the people. It is advised to do it for a few hours there. They can also choose to do invest their time part-time doing it in, fast food shops, in cafes, in hotels, or marketing. students who are from another country, that is, students who are foreigners, need to have a work permit first for doing and engaging in part times in Japan. They can get that by, proper valid reasons while applying for it. But, only depending on part times, no students can pay all of their expenses which will include their school fees.

There should be a proper plan on how they are going to earn, how much part-time they are going to do, how they are covering their studies, how much they are going to spend.

One student can do as many part-times as he or she wants with a restricted number of hours. There should also have plans for savings. Savings are most important. Part times should not affect the studies of any of the students. Part-time in Japan is only done when a student is from educational institutions. Then only part times are allowed for students to do.

Points to keep in mind:

No part-time should affect any student’s studies and health which is strictly prohibited. In these cases, strict actions can be taken against the owner and the students. students should also keep in their mind that they don’t have to work so hard that it would affect their health so badly. They should also be conscious about the payment that they are paid every week or hourly basis.

They should also need to be conscious about if the payment is done in cash, that is directly into their hands or the payment is done cashless, that is done directly into their bank accounts. The bank account is also a necessary element before starting a part-time job. Students also check about the environment in which, they are going to work for the next days or months.

Environmental factors are also one of the most important elements. The environment should not be dangerous and it should be accident safe. Female students should be more conscious about these things. All the students should be safe from any fraud and if the frauds occur, then they should immediately take help from the cops. Hiding the frauds and crimes won’t work, it will only promote them to do more and more frauds. In some schools, schools themselves provide a list of part times to students to do it. This is a very good initiative.No any students should leave their attendance due to the conditions of their part-time work. Studies are far more important than any part times.

There are a lot of cases where International students or foreign students are forced to go from Japan due to their low or thanks attendance in their schools and classes and also due to their part-time jobs.

Online Part Times Jobs in Japan:

part time jobs for students in japan

Students can also opt for doing a part-time job in Japan, doing it online, work from home. There is also competition in part times for students. so, students have to keep patience and should apply for more and more part times, for the probability of getting selection will be higher, into any field.

Part times Jobs at hotels:

One can work as a part-timer in hotels as kitchen staff. They can do the same in restaurants also. There are options for applying as a cook in a few restaurants. Only a few of the restaurants appoint any student as a cook and that too part-timer. And for cooking positions, they ask for professionals and that reason is understandable. Few restaurants only hire foreign candidates who apply to work there.

Food delivery:

part time jobs for student in japan as delivery boy or girl
part time jobs for students in japan: food delivery

Another popular part-time is food delivery. This is one of the popular part times in Asian countries especially Japan. The work is to deliver food from the restaurant to the person who is ordering at a particular period. Due to pandemics, everyone nowadays prefers staging and eating at the home to stay safe. And this has increased the number of food delivery person. So, in recent days, it has become so popular in our lives. It is very good part-time work for students who don’t prefer staying at one place, who likes to travel around and they like to stay active. This job provides their vehicles to their part-timer’s students. So, there is no need to worry about the vehicles. They can work part-time at pizza delivery centers.

Cleaning staff:

part time jobs for student in japan :cleaning service
part-time jobs for students in japan: cleaning service

Another part-time is hotel cleaning staff. This is also one of the popular part times in Japan, popular among students. Someone can easily get jobs as part-timers in luxurious hotels. They are always in need of cleaning staff. As they are always filled with guests and they already are loaded with lots of works. If any student is interested in the hospitality sector, they can opt to go for this part-time. Foreign students staying in Japan can also go for this part times.


Another popular part-time job is Go-kart your guide. They work for companies and they work as a guide in a vehicle called Go-kart. Students who are interested in tourism teach other tourists about the places and Japan  It is indirectly a job opportunity for increasing the number of tourists in Japan, can go for this part times. Often, foreign students don’t apply for this part-time, and even when they apply for this part-time, they don’t get this job.

Packaging Part-Job for Students in Japan :

part time jobs for student in japan : packing

Another job for students as a part-times is of packing things in any companies, malls, factories or more. They work there to pack things and sort them and also give them a finishing touch. This is also a decent part-time job for any student. And has a great demand for workers here and any student applying for this has a high chance to get selected.  part-timers get paid on an hourly basis in this work, which means they are paid on hourly wages.

Language teacher:

Students who know the English Language can teach the English language to other Japanese students. Japanese gives a lot of importance to the English language. This is in very high demand nowadays. Students can be paid on an hourly basis for teaching.

Teaching kids is the best part-time job in Japan for young students., as mentioned above. This is also a very common part-time job.


Another part-time job for students in Japan is a clerk in any convenience store.  The owners of any convenience store need someone to look after the earnings of the day and manage them. For working at this post and to get this job part-time, one needs to have a very good knowledge of the Japanese language. Any store has 24*7 services for people. And any foreign students can also apply for this part-time job. But, they should have a good knowledge of the Japanese language.

Working at the bar:

part time jobs for students in japan as bartender
part-time jobs for students in japan

At many places, students working at the bar is so common and in Japan is also one of them. So, students can also apply for this part-time job to do. They can work at night for a few hours and they get paid for this at an hourly rate. This part-time job is after school so there is no issue in timing and the students can work at flexible hours. This is normal to do part-time jobs in Japan in a bar and the owners ensure the safety of part-timers there.

This is the perfect job for someone who enjoys being in a loud environment. This part-time job is not for someone who is on a student visa or a travel visa. It simply means that any foreign student staying in Japan for studies can not apply for doing a part-time job in a bar. Foreign students can work in a bar,  owned by foreigners that are foreign bars in Japan all over. No doubt this is a fun-oriented job for students.

Juice bars:

Another part-time job is in the juice bars and also it pays very decently. It is also a safe job to do. Students who like to meet new people can apply for this part-time job and work flexible hours.

Cafe jobs:

part time jobs for students in japan in cafe

Another job is to do in cafes. Foreign students can also apply for this part toms job to do.

Front desk part-jobs in Japan:

Students can also opt for doing part-time jobs, as front desk hotel staff. This is also a popular and safe job among young students to do after school with good payment. This job can also open doors for a new job for part-timer students there.

Working with language part time jobs in japan:

Students good at languages can also work as a translator. Their job is to translate a

language into another known language. Foreign students may have low chances to get this job.

There are several other part-time jobs for students to do. The list will go endless. Students first should check the payment, safety, and comfort and then go for their part-time jobs.


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