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Niseko is well known for being one of the best spots to enjoy your winters and have a lifetime of unforgettable experiences and a lot of many memories with them. Each year, Niseko attracts a lot many tourists from all over the world to come there and enjoy their unforgettable winters at that place. This place is just like a heaven for winter lovers. This place is known for its nonstop flights. Niseko, no doubt, is famous for its powdery snow. This also has stunning scenery that no one should miss.

Here, we will be discussing a destination, that is none other than Niseko, someone who is looking to spend their winter in, or also for someone who is planning to visit there.

How to get there at Niseko?

The first question that arises in someone’s mind would be this. No worries at all! We are here. First of all, plane tickets are a must to reach Niseko. One of the best times of the season to reach there is, between mid of June to the last of February. This is also known as the sweet spot. If someone is having a good budget to visit there, then they can simply reach there and have their fun and pack up their wonderful memories with them.

Someone, who is on a tight budget also can get there and have fun. First of all, they need to apply for any of the rewards credit cards that give bonus miles. They have many other bonuses too. It provides free checked bags. They also give access to club-style lounges with functioning wifi. They also provide snacks and drinks.

Most of the credit cards are free of expenses for the very first year. However, they have a yearly fee that they demand to pay after that. One should plan their budgets according to their convenience. They should also plan their budgets to pay back the cards that they were buying after one year. Now, just book your flight tickets, pack your essentials and move to the dream-changing reality.

Places to stay in Niseko

After this, one has a concern about the places where they will stay. Here, we will be discussing some of the great places to stay.

  • Park Hyatt Niseko Hanazono
  • Hilton Niseko village
  • Skye Niseko
  • Higashiyama Niseko village
  • Zaborin
  • Annupuri garden apartments
  • Annupuri garden townhouses
  • Aya Niseko
  • Chalet ivy Hirafu
  • Niseko Northern Resort
  • The Vale Niseko
  • Country resort Niseko
  • The orchards Niseko
  • Ki Niseko
  • Aspect Niseko

Here, only a few of the places are mentioned. One can hunt for more interesting places on their own.

Some of the lavish hotels to stay in Niseko

Now, we will be discussing some of the lavish hotels to stay in Niseko. One can plan their budgets and choose one of these or may go for something out of the list mentioned.

  • Hilton Niseko village
  • Niseko Konbu onsen
  • Tsuruga Besso Moku No sho
  • Hinode hills Niseko village
  • Higashiyama Niseko village
  • Kasara Niseko village townhouse

Middle range stays in Niseko

skiing at niseko
Now, here are some of the places to stay in Niseko that are priced in the middle range. As mentioned above, one can surely hunt more places and lookout for more.

Niseko kombi hot spring hotel kanrono Mori

Snowdog Niseko

One Niseko resort towers

Niseko Grand hotels

Lodge Moiwa 834

Country Inn Milky House


The Niseko ski lodge

Petit Cottage Route 66 Niseko

Cheap price ranged places to stay in Niseko

Niseko Pension Bellary
Now, we will be discussing some of the places that ask for a cheap price rate in comparison to others above-mentioned.

  • Lodge 401 Niseko Annupuri snow life lodge
  • Niseko Pension Bellary
  • Midtown Niseko
  • Akazora
  • Niseko yubokumin
  • Hinzan 301S studio apartments

Some of the skiing schools in Niseko

skiing school at niseko
Skiing schools are very much in demand. All these ski schools hire instructors who know the

English language and they can communicate in English. They are also demanded with the International teaching certification that is either NASI or NZSI. Therefore, the foreigners visiting there will never have to face any of the difficulties in the conversation.

Here, some of the very famous skiing schools of Niseko have been mentioned.

NISS(Niseko International snowsports School)

This is one of the most popular and biggest ski schools in Niseko. The group lessons of the ski classes are based in Hanazono resort in Niseko itself. All of the private lessons are based in the Hirafu area in Niseko.

NVSS(Niseko Village snow school)

This skiing school is another one on the list which is also very popular and famous. This school is mainly for the guests that are staying in the Niseko village. This school is very famous for its small magical carpet that is used by beginners.

NASS(Niseko Annupuri ski and snowboard school)

This is the third name on this list. This is an official ski school in Niseko. This school is one of the most valuable and helpful for the guests who are staying in that area. Annupuri is more accessible than the other areas at Niseko.

NBS(Niseko Base Snowsports)

This is another one on this particular list. This is also one of the most respected ski schools in Niseko. This school offers a very wide range of snowboard lessons to its students. They start from the beginner level to the advanced level. This particular school is also known for offering a unique program to its students and that program is known as ski japan Junior training academy.

Mt. Yotei

Mt. Yotei
Discussing winters in Niseko and not mentioning Mt. Yotei must be considered a crime. One should surely add this spot on their list when they are spending their valuable winters in Niseko. This amazing mountain is approximately eighteen thousand and ninety-eight meters long. This is an active stratovolcano. This is in Shikotsu Toya National park in Hokkaido. This Mountain is also known for having a resemblance to another wonderful mountain and that is none other than Mt. Fuji.

Mt. Yotei is one of Japan’s hundred very very famous mountains. Mt. Yotei is divided into ten stages. The trailhead is the very first stage of Mt. Yotei. The peak is the last stage, which means it is the tenth one. The hiking trail of Mt. Yotei s very narrow. The hiking portion also needs some sections in which a hand and a foot are also required to steer further.

Approximately it takes four to five hours to reach the ultimate peak. And to get down, it takes approximately three to four hours. This is the average experience of the majority of the people who went on a hike at Mt. Yotei. This is advisable to all and everyone to bring plenty much water along with them. one should always choose a sunny day to start their journey and move on a hike to Mt. Yotei. This mountain has one of the best scenic mountains in the world.

There are four trails in total. The names for those trails are as follows:-The first is Hirafu.

This is also known as Hangetsu lake. The Second is Kyogoku. The third one is Kimobetsu. And the last and fourth one is, Makkai. Mt. Yotei is nothing but beauty from every angle.

Horse riding tour in Niseko

Horse riding in Niseko
If one comes to visit Niseko, then there are a variety of different activities to do by the tourists there. Horse riding is also one of them. It is known to be a very great alternative other than hiking and cycling. Horse riding is a unique activity that can be performed by any age group. This is also very very suitable for the people who are beginners, which means, people who don’t even know the alphabet of horse riding.

K2 stables are from May to October in a year. The address for this is, 238-5 Satomi, Niseko. This is in the Abuta District of Niseko.

There are a few of the courses that everyone does before horse riding. The first is the basic one. The time duration for the basic course is of approximately ninety minutes. This course is for the age groups of people who are above twelve years. The price to be paid for this basic course is ten thousand and eight hundred yen per person.

The other side is the K2 ride. This ride is only for the riders that are in an advanced way of riding the horse. This is approximately ninety minutes. The price needed to be paid for the K2 ride is approximately ten thousand and eight hundred yen per person to person.

Horse riding is one of the best ways to have fun. This is an exciting activity to do. There is also a private course that one can opt and pay for. This course is for approximately sixty minutes. The price that will be needed to be paid is twenty-five thousand yen per person.

Snow rafting in Niseko

Snow rafting in Niseko
Snow rafting is another very fun and exciting activity that can be done when you will be enjoying your winters in Niseko, Japan. When the snow starts melting a little, then an activity called river rafting becomes very popular among the locals and tourists.

Snow rafting is known to be one of the most popular and exciting experiences needed to be experienced even once in a lifetime. The river of Shiribetsu is one of the clearest water and it also offers the seven kilometres length of the white water offering rides.


It is a small-sized raft that is very adequate for one person or also two people at a single time. Ducky is said to be very much manoeuvrable. This is used to direct the white and clear water rapids easily.

This is very much identical to the kayak. A kayak is a paddle with two sides.

Snowmobiling in Niseko

skiing at niseko
Another very fun and exciting activity that Niseko offers to its tourists or guests in winters. This is another very popular way to enjoy your winter. First of all, everyone who thinks of snowmobiling in Niseko is offered a lesson first. This is very easy to learn. Also very easy to have control over it.

The guide gives the techniques and the mechanism of snowmobiling. They give a lesson of a hand guide at the start. They also provide signals to teach it. After this, one can freely wander in the open fields of snow with birches of trees.

There is a very famous place for this activity of snowmobiling. That is Isle snowmobile park. The course of snowmobiling is of approximately one hour. The appropriate age to have this course and enjoy the snowmobiling is of thirteen years and above thirteen years of age. The price to be paid for this particular course is twelve thousand yen for the adults.  For the people whose age is between thirteen to fifteen years are needed to be paid, eleven thousand and five hundred yen per head.

Snowshoeing in Niseko

Snowshoeing in Niseko
Another one on the list. This is a very cool, adventurous, and exciting activity to perform in Niseko. This is one of the great adventures that are very famous among the tourists and locals in Niseko. The powdery textured snow of Niseko is world-famous and any snow sport makes it very fun and exciting.

This is one of the best ways to get out into the fluffy and powdered snow. This activity gives the adrenaline rush to those who are into it. This is a very fun activity to do.


Niseko is a place on the earth that never disappoints the visitors or the tourists who visit there. One should surely plan a trip for their winters to Niseko, at least once. They will get top-class experiences there and keeping a few above-mentioned things on their minds, they can also have a smooth journey to Niseko.

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