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We all know Japan for several reasons. Most people may also know Japan, has a world-famous museum of perfumes or perfume forests. Today, we will be discussing every possible thing someone should know that will encourage them to take even a single visit to the perfume forest.

The city of Japan, Iwata is famous all around the world for various reasons. Some of the reasons are that this city is home to numerous globally recognized companies. This amazing city is also a centre for the amazing and unique craftsmanship. This city is also known for its wonderful technology and techniques. The city of Iwata has a

variety of modern facilities, making everyday life easy, better and progressive in all possible ways. Here, we will have a wonderful discussion about one of the many wonders of Iwata and that is the museum of perfumes.

The Museum of perfume or the forest of perfume is showing the long history, beautiful traditions and incredible and remarkable culture in a unique way to the rest of the world. This museum or this specific forest is a medium to show the rest of the world an amazing artform of making scents, wonderful fragrances and many more.

They show the world their artwork of making perfumes in many beautiful perfume bottles. In the museum of the forest, one gets to see, smell and feel the amazing scented Japanese incense sticks inside. The incense sticks are of different remarkable scents or fragrances. People from all over the world come to watch these amazing, remarkable and authentic beauties related to fragrance.

This unique forest of fragrance or the museum of scents or perfumes is an interesting limited museum. This museum contains information and various data related to this thing. Several booths are related to the different beautiful fragrances. One should get prepared for smelling the wonderful fragrances that are passed down from generation to generation.

The Museum of Perfume is located in one of the very beautiful cities of Japan, Iwata. This is located on the East side of another very amazing city in Japan and that is Hamamatsu. This is one of the very unique, amazing and also very unusual museums. This whole museum is dedicated to perfumes and fragrances.  A nickname given to this amazing museum or the forest is, Perfume forest. This world simply means, a forest of perfume. This is a French name that is given to the museum.

There are a variety of arts and crafts objects that are related to the perfumes and fragrances are in the museum. One also may see those beautiful things for the very first time in their lifetime. There are several small rooms, each one of them dedicated to fragrances. One can enjoy and take in each scent in all its senses. They just have to pay a certain amount of payment to get entry into the museum.

One can also have a unique sort of experience in blending and creating their perfumes for themselves and also take them out with them to their house in a pretty bottle, and that is also of their choice. They do so with the help of a computer but that is in the Japanese language. The tourists or any of the guests who don’t know this particular language, don’t have to worry about the language barrier or any language issues, the staff are always there to help them.

With the process of blending perfumes, one can get a unique fragrance of perfume for them. This whole process is also going to be discussed below in complete detail.

The wonderful experience of perfume blending inside the museum

Inside fragrance museum iwata



There one can easily experience the wonderful and unique adventure of blending the different kinds of perfumes and get a unique one of their choice. There is a fixed fee that is needed to be paid for this.

There are different courses in this and the fee is also different for both of them. For course A, the fee is two thousand and two hundred yen to be paid. This comes with an oval bottle and if it has a cap of gold that means, it contains a golden covering.

Then there comes another course and that is course B. For this, the price is a bit higher than the previous course, course A. The fee needed to be paid in two thousand and seven hundred yen per bottle. This course comes with a bottle with an atomizer. This has a silver capping or a silver covering.

The steps to be followed to blend the different perfumes

There are a certain set of rules that are needed to be followed in blending the perfumes of your choice. Here, we will be discussing all those steps.

First of all, one has to choose the perfect choice of perfumes in the museum. There at the museum, there are eight basic fragrances for women. And for men, there are five different sorts of fragrances. One can choose among those depending on their preferences. one has to use the original and authentic software that is of the museum itself for this amazing and unique process.

Eleven questions are asked by the software to the one who is willing to do this process of perfume blending. These sets of questions are of various kinds. They depend on the fashion of the person, the hairstyle they prefer, the blood group they possess and many more. And then after answering all those questions, the software chooses the best fit for itself.

There is a single issue in it and that is for the foreigners who don’t know the Japanese language. Because the questions that are asked from the users are totally in the Japanese language. After the results come out, one can use that result of the questionnaire, the computer takes out the print of the result and also a formula of the result fragrance.

After all these steps, take that printed formula to the reception in the museum itself. Then, choose the bottle for the perfume, of your own choice. Then after this, the staff at the reception gives the instructions to the guests who come up with the printed formula of the resulting fragrance.  One has to carefully listen to all of the instructions that the staff provides. Then after this, one can stir and combine their choice of fragrance. One also has a choice to take that particular perfume in a bottle with themselves. One also has an alternative of putting that unique perfume in a bottle of your choice. This step needs an additional specific amount of charge that is needed to be paid.

Gallery of the perfume forest ( museum of fragrance)  Iwata

The gallery of the perfume museum is on the second floor of the building. To enter the gallery, one has to pay a fixed amount of money. In the gallery, there are many exhibitions held that are seasonal. These are held from time to time in the museum.

Some of the famous names of the exhibitions that are held in the museum are as follows –

The European porcelain with the roses exhibition, the beautiful perfume exhibition, the fragrance of the coffee exhibition and many others.

Relaxing cafe terrace of the fragrance museum

There is another very famous spot in the museum of fragrance. The entry fee that is needed to be paid to enter is approximately three hundred yen per person. One has an option to roam freely after paying. They also have an option to examine the ample amount of books. There are approximately two hundred books.  The books are about many topics. Some of those topics are aromatherapy, herbs, perfumes and many more. One also has many other options like enjoying the free drinks too. They can have other options like enjoying snacks like cookies. They can also enjoy the pound cake. The price of the cookie is approximately one hundred and eighty yen. An Apple pound cake price is approximately one hundred and seventy yen.

Museum of the fragrance shop

There are a lot of varieties in the bottles of perfumes. One can choose any one of them for themselves and also pay for it. There are regular bottles of perfumes. Also, there are the aroma pendants, and aroma lights too. There are also Ferragamo and the Bulgari perfume.

These are the perfect ones to give someone or as a souvenir. One can surely find not one but a lot of perfect fits for their gifts list. There are no entry fees to be paid to enter this and take a look at all these. The entry fee that is needed to be paid is only up to the second number of floors.

Few hotels to stay in Iwata

Here, a few of the most popular names of the hotels are mentioned. However, one can surely find more treasures. The names of those hotels are as follows –

  • Hotel route inn Iwata inter
museum of fragrance hotel route inn
  • Oyo Iwata station hotel
  • AB hotel Iwata
  • Kuretake Inn Iwata
  • Iwata park hotel
  • 365 BASE outdoor hostel
  • Few of the restaurants to hunt in Iwata

Now, we will be mentioning a few of the restaurants where the tourists or guests can come and eat the delicious and authentic foods of the particular regions. The names of the restaurants are as follows –

  • Sawayaka Iwata Honten
  • Tomita
  • Saizeriya Iwata Torinose
  • Tartaruga Imanoura
  • Kappa Sushi
  • Ramen Kagetsu Arashi Iwata
  • Coco’s Japan
  • Gusto Iwata Kamiokande
  • Marugama seimen Iwata
  • Shimagon

Address to reach the museum of perfume (perfume forest), Iwata The address to get reached the destination of fragrance is as follows 2019-15 Tateno, Iwata -shi, Shizuoka 438-0821.

The Museum is open to guests and tourists from nine a.m in the morning to five p.m in the evening. This is shut down on the weekdays of Monday or any national holidays.

How to reach the fragrance forest, Iwata

Now, the question may arise in the minds out there and that is how to reach this wonder of scents in Iwata, Japan. we will be discussing that too. One can have many options to reach there, such as the train, buses, by self, or by any public transportation.

By train, first of all, one has to reach the JR Tokaido Mainline and get off at ‘Toyoda-Cho’ station, Japan. Then after this, there are approximately twenty minutes of walk from the exit of the north side of the station.

By the car, from the Tomei expressway, one has to drive approximately twenty minutes and then finally they will reach the scented destination.


Japan always tries to mesmerise the rest of the world with many different possible means and the forest of the scents or the fragrance museum is also one of them. This also is one list of things that attracts the tourists from all corners of the world. One who is planning to take a visit to Japan must add this wonderful museum to their list and they will not be disappointed. This visit to the museum will be surely worth it. Japan never fails in attracting attractions from every possible eye. This museum of the forest is also one of them.

However, in the present scenarios, the situations are quite a bit different from the earlier ones due to the very known reason and that is, due to the covid situations. This has negatively affected everything or also has led to the downfall of a lot of things. This has also affected the museum. However, there are certain sets of rules that one has to follow. And they will have a smooth and very interesting visit to the perfume forest.

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