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Sun sea and surf: Best 12 beaches in Japan

Beaches in Japan

Japan, an island nation located against the Pacific Ocean to its east and Sea of Japan to the west, has an ample amount of marvelous beaches to escape from one’s fast-paced life. Japan is an island country surrounded by water. When it comes to the diversity in the appearance of beaches, Japan never seems to disappoint us. From rocky beaches to soft white sands, from emerald green waters to crystal clear blue water, from green pines surrounding the beaches to located near volcanoes, it has spectacular heterogeneity. Here are a few beaches which one can consider visiting either for their new collection of different multi coloured seashells or just to get a breath of fresh air. Japan is famous for all its beauty, scenic views.

1.)Habushi Ura Beach

Habushiura Beach
Habushiura beach is Located on one of the central islands of Niijima. This dazzling spot is a mecca for surfing. This place is famous for hosting international surfing events. This is Situated in a remote area and famous for its tropical climate. This place is a beauty of natural wonder. The pure white sands and pristine blue water just adds up to its beauty. It’s famous among tourists for watersports like snorkeling, swimming e.t.c. This picturesque white sand beach is a minefield of corals and is highly popular for the volcanoes surrounding it. Seafood, hot springs near this place are just like an addition of a feather in the cap.

2.) Jodogahama beach

Jodogahama beach
Jodogahama beach is a beach of the foamy sea. There are always seagulls flying around. This beach is full of calming waves and sand sweeping across the beach. That’s how one can define this place in Japan. Part of Sanriku Fukkō National Park, this small beach is hidden in the closest bay is situated on the Rikuchu coast. This place is located in Northern Japan and is near a series of rock formations. Coast is full of Green pine forest. One can also watch volcanic white rocks. There are crystal clear blue waters that present a stark contrast making it a gateway of paradise. Jodogahama beach is Popular for swimming, hiking, boat racing, and many more such sports. This rugged rocky beach is perfect for a break from city life. This beach, jodogahama beach, is one of the most popular and beautiful beaches in Japan. Jodogahama beach is on the Rikachu coast. The word jodogahama beach means, ” pure land rocks”, in Japanese by the Japanese locals in Japan. Since the beach is rocky, one can not feel that sand digging vibes and feel over that beach.

Jodogahama Beach is famous for its quiet environment. One can find hiking trails nearby the beach. One can get a lot of options for restaurants and local shops on the beach and nearby it.

3.) Okinawa coast

Okinawa coast
Okinawa area is one of the best areas for beach acts in Japan for tourists and Japanese locals. Okinawa’s tropical climate is a cherry on the top. Manza Beach is the most famous beach on the Okinawa coast. From the Okinawa coast, one can also visit nearby cape Mazama.

4.) Kakamura coast

Kakamura coast
Kamakura beach is almost an hour away from the Tokyo coast in Japan. This beach is famous for its perfect views. July to August is the best time to visit Kamakura beach. This beach is often crowded with kids due to school nearby. One can see and catch the views of mt. Fuji in their eyes. Kamakura coast has three main beaches, but only two are on the list of most popular and busiest beaches. Those two beaches are

  • Yuigahama
  • Zaimokuza

5.) Zushi beach

Zushi beach
Zushi beach is Tokyo’s (capital city of Japan), the closest natural beach from the capital city. It is near the US military base camp. That’s why for most of the time it was a heated topic to visit. Now, everything is settled and good. This beach is now one of the most popular beaches to visit at night. Here the sound system is strictly prohibited. Here tattoos are also not allowed. No one can open shops for tattoos and no visitors can also cave tattoos there at the Zushi beach. This beach faces the Pacific Ocean. Sushi beach is known for its beach resort. This beach is famous for historical periods. This is one of the most beautiful, and popular beaches to watch the sunset. Here cliffs are also around the area. Visitors can also visit there. One can also find famous restaurants and cafes to eat and chill. The most favourable time to visit sushi beach is between June to September of the year. Zushi beach is famous for its summer beach party. To reach Zushi beach, one can choose to take a train there.

6.) Shirahama onsen

Shirahama onsen
Shirahama onsen is the most famous hot spring destination in Japan among tourists and Japanese locals. It lies in the Wakayama prefecture of Japan. Here, one can find and visit plenty of beautiful beaches and get eye-catching views. Shirahama Onsen is seven hundred meters long. This also has many open-air baths. Beaches here are having white sands. The most favourable time to visit Shirahama onsen is from July to August. This is the most developed beach in the area. Here, someone can find plenty of restaurants and local shops. This is after all a great destination for beach lovers.

7.) Tokashiki

Tokashiki beach has ten mountainous islands here in Japan. Here, there are the two largest beaches of all. They are

  • Tokashiki
  • Maejima

Tokashiki beach in Japan is a shorkelu’s paradise. This beach is very popular for its white beaches and also it has diverse marine life. This is one of the best beaches for divers to dive in and enjoy. One can reach Tokashiki by ferry. It takes approximately seventy minutes to reach Tokashiki. It is nine km long.

8.) Izu peninsula

Izu peninsula
Izu peninsula place is very little distance from the capital city Tokyo in Japan. This beach is one of the busiest beaches in Japan. This is famous for its blue crystal water. This place is very suitable for snorkeling. The blue water of this beach is very calming and eye-soothing. This beach has diverse and rich marine life. Way to reach Izu peninsula by taking the train directly.

9.) Miyako island beaches

Miyako island beaches
Miyako beaches are one of the best and most beautiful beaches in japan one can find. This is also known as Yonaha- Maehama beach in japan among locals. This is the country’s most popular diving destination in Japan. This beach has mild weather which makes it more favourable to visit. It is 158.9 kilometers square in the area. These beaches are open all year round. Miyako island beaches have the two best beaches among all beaches and they are

  • Maehama Beach
  • Yoshino beach

Maehama beach is famous for its water sports. Yoshino beach is famous for its snorkeling. Yoshino beach also has a massive coral reef around it. It is also popular for the great marine life in it. Overall, Miyako island beaches attract tourists and Japanese locals in all possible ways. The best and only way to reach Yonaha- Maehama beach is by taking flights for it directly.

10.) Kujukuri beach

Kujukuri beach
Kujukuri beach is one of Japan’s longest beaches. Kujukuri’s beach coastline lies in the china prefecture. This beach is among all of those beaches which are close to the capital city Tokyo. This beach is straight and flat. This is open to the sea. Kujukuri beach is perfect for swimming and swimming sports. However, despite all these facts, Kujukuri beach is mostly underrated. One can find some hotels, a few of the local shops and local restaurants around the Kujukuri beach.

11.) Amami Oshima


This beach lies between Kyushu and Okinawa. Amami Oshima is home to several beaches in Japan. This has a total number of eight islands. One can take a glimpse of coral reefs,  can also catch views of volcanic mountains,  can also visit the deep green forest around it. The most favourable time of the year to visit is between May to October. These beaches are always quiet and clean. Solitude lovers can opt for this. One can reach Amami Oshima through flights. Someone can also choose a ferry to reach there. Renting a car is also an option to reach.

12.) Odaiba beach

Odaiba beach
Odaiba beach is the only official beach in Japan. This beach is the most visited beach of Japan by tourists and Japanese locals. It is eight hundred meters long. The Odaiba beach is surrounded by numerous shopping malls. Odaiba beach is popular for its golden sands and is well known for evening walks, sunsets, and relaxing. Odaiba beach is a perfect half-day escape for someone who is looking for peace in their busiest life. This beach is approx eight hundred meters long. One can reach Odaiba beach by catching yurikamome monorail from the Capital city Of Japan, Tokyo. One can also choose the Rinkai line from Shinjuku. There is also the cheapest way to reach Odaiba beach, and that is through the bus.

Situation after the covid era

Before covid outbreaks everything was normal and people were having fun and they used to enjoy without any fear. Now, there are plenty of safety measures to follow by everyone, by the tourists and the Japanese locals too. The government was discouraging people and tourists to visit beaches and hanging out there. Almost all of the beaches were suffering from bans. Even many places are suffering from an emergency. The infectious number of people was increasing day by day and these actions were taken for the betterment of everyone.

Employment, economy, and growth due to beaches

Japan is the third-largest economy in the world after the USA and China. Everything adds to the economy and growth rate of the country. Beaches increase international tourism in the country. Beaches also add employment to the country for the people and Japanese locals. Many Japanese locals run their families through the sea and beaches. They run their local shops, have their restaurants, But they depend on the sea for marine food and to sell them to others.

Rules at beaches

There are no strict rules on how to dress at Japanese beaches. Tattoos are not seen in a good manner or the person having tattoos is not seen in a good way in Japan and mostly at Japanese beaches. If someone is having tattoos, then that needs to be covered. There are strict actions for garbage. One has to carry out their garbage with them at their place. No one can pollute the beaches. Camping at the beaches is totally fine. However, one should take care of their belongings. These are the few points one should always remember or keep in mind while visiting and exploring the Japanese beaches.

Sports at beaches

Japanese beaches are famous for numerous water sports among people. People visit here and take part in these sports. Few of the water sports at all these beaches are

  • Snorkeling
  • Sea kayaking
  • Scuba diving
  • Surfing
  • Canoeing
  • Parasailing
  • Flyboard
  • Hoverboarding
  • Paddleboarding
  • Windsurfing and kitesurfing can also be enjoyed there by people visiting there.
  • Yachting
  • Boating
  • River rafting can also be enjoyed. And the list continues till the end.

Beach holidays are known for relaxing, enjoying, and connecting to nature once again in which one can also enjoy incredible seafood there, that will be fresh and ready to eat. They can eat and enjoy the food at reasonable rates. Japan is filled with numerous coastal villages and towns. Everyone staying there is dependent on the sea and beaches directly or indirectly. One can also enjoy diverse marine life there.

The Japanese government uses many attractive policies to attract international tourists there. They use many inviting policies for them. This increases their country’s economic growth and it also adds development to the country and the country’s men.

Here is something about japan. Check out if new in japan.

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