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What to wear in Japan?- Know Latest Japanese fashion trends

Japan is one of the most beautiful Asian countries. It is on the list of top Destination sights for anyone. Japan is rich in its history, culture, and beliefs. Many people want to visit there and also to stay there, for that you must know Japanese fashion trends.

But, before going to Japan, one should know about all the facts and trends of japan so that they won’t hurt anyone’s sentiments or beliefs there and also to avoid any kind of unwanted situations there in Japan. One of the facts and trends is about what to wear while one is in Japan, be it a man or a woman. Here in this article, everything is discussed in the best possible way to make anyone understand about the fashion trends and dressing sense of the Japanese people in Japan. One should look at these trends to avoid any discomfort by any unwanted and unnecessary attention and eye gazes by people in Japan and not hurt anyone.

Japanese fashion trends

Japan is still conservative about dressing sense and trends, irrespective of gender.

Nowadays, dress codes are inspired by western countries’ trends. The younger generation is influenced by western countries and western fashion trends.

Japanese men and dressing sense

Japanese men in Japan prefer fully covered clothes to wear. They wear all black suits with white shirts and a tie. The tie must not be black, since a black tie is worn when someone’s demise occurs. They also wear traditional clothes from japan. Traditional cloth for men in Japan is known as Hakama. Hakama is having trousers and it is like a skirt. This has a thick fabric. There is also another traditional dress for men and that is Haori. Haori is a jacket that is worn only on any special occasions in Japan. Hakama was developed during the time of the Heian period.

Japanese fashion trends
These all show Japan’s culture, tradition, and history. Japanese people are stuck to their culture and history which is one of the many reasons to adore them and learn from them.

In ancient times, traditional clothes were worn every time. Now, when the time got modernized, everything got leveled up and so did the dressing trends too. In modern times it is today’s date, these traditional clothes are not worn much, they are only worn at certain places and occasions. Dressing trends got westernised and got inspired from the Western countries and became very popular among Japanese people in Japan. However, Japan’s traditional dresses are popular in other Asian countries and western countries.

Advice for anyone not from japan, about dress codes -for men

Men should wear something which covers them all. A business person or someone going there for work for any sort of formal work should wear black suits or any dark coloured suits paired with a white shirt and a tie which is not coloured black. They should avoid any kind of tacky clothes which will cost them unwanted and unnecessary attention. They should also not wear something which may hurt the sentiments of the Japanese in Japan knowingly or unknowingly.


Japanese women fashion and dressing trends

Japanese women in Japan suffer from conservative thoughts about their dressing sense. Women cover their upper body parts. The dresses are inspired by western fashion.

School uniforms for females in japan

Women cover their upper body at school. The length of the skirts is knee-length or sometimes above knee length. They were full shirts. They have to wear blazers. The length of the socks is knee-length. The uniforms are fully organised.

Makeup is allowed in schools but not too tacky and unwanted attention-catching.

But, this generation is modernised and so much affected by western fashion trends. They are daring and confident enough to carry experiments on their dressing trends. They used to do a lot of experiments on their clothing and make-up. Sometimes, it becomes over and results crazily and it becomes so eye-catchy and they become the odd one out in the crowd and catch unwanted and a lot of unnecessary attention.

An advice for women from other countries to japan about the dress codes

women should always try to cover their upper body parts to avoid unwanted attention or to hurt anyone’s sentiment.

Common advice about dressing codes for both the genders, who are not from japan

Anyone visiting Japan from other countries should wear neat and clean clothes. That should be well maintained and properly ironed. In Japan, most of the time one has to take out their shoes. so, one has to wear neat and odourless shoes and it is also advised to wear socks which don’t have any holes and should not be smelly.

japanese fashion trends
One can wear shorts freely. One can also opt for jeans, according to their convenience. Black jeans are worn a lot. One can also opt for darker jeans to wear in Japan.

Warm clothes are a must for everyone, due to the weather in Japan.

Swimsuits or swimming dresses are a big no for any women, be it Japanese women or someone from outside of Japan, came there. These dresses can’t be even worn on communal bathings.

Tattoos and Japanese people

Tattoos are a big no if someone is visiting Japan. Japanese people in Japan are not much into tattoos and they all are still very conservative about this. The ones with tattoos are seen as a bad influence on society and the younger generation. They are thought to be a gangster or any bad person with a bad character there in japan.

If someone outside of Japan is visiting there in japan, they must cover it and hide it from the eyes of Japanese people.

One should come up with a good number of clothes for them to wear as it is very much impossible for someone outside of Japan, to buy clothes in Japan. Because the body of Japanese people is very much different from any other Asian country or any of the western countries. So, it is very much difficult to buy clothes of their own size there. The size in the stores or market will likely not fit them.

One should always try to carry tissues or any mini-length towel.

Items of clothing that are a must for anyone living or staying in Japan, or coming there to stay or visit are gloves, scarfs, coats, and winter essentials. These all are one of the essentials for anyone in Japan.

Spring is also cold which can be unbearable in light or summer items of clothing for anyone in Japan.

Umbrellas are also one of the essentials to carry along with.

A lightweight jacket can be one of the best options to have and wear when needed and they are also very easy to carry.

One should avoid torn jeans too while they are in Japan. They may have a bad impression of the  Japanese people living in Japan. They should also avoid wearing any sort of tacky clothes in japan.

What to wear in Japan- for women

Women in Japan should wear the formal type of trousers. One can wear knee-length skirts and can pair them with stockings or any tights. They should avoid any kind of revealing clothes or dresses while they are in Japan else they may get unwanted attention and may have a bad impression of Japanese people.

Japanese fashion trends for women

Importance of makeup in japan

Makeup is very much essential and popular among Japanese in Japan. Not only women but males too are influenced by makeup. And they use makeup in their lives daily. Japanese women take a  lot of care of their skin and body. They have great skincare and makeup routine.

No doubt, Japan is the third-largest market for cosmetics in the whole world after America and another Asian country china. According to Japanese women and other genders too, makeup is a must in the daily lives of Japanese.

So, one visiting japan from any other countries, should wear makeup but not too much. A lot of makeup may grab a lot of unwanted and unnecessary attention.

Fashion trends or senses of Japanese people mostly resemble fashion trends of other neighbouring Asian countries, that is China and South Korea.

What to wear in japan- for men

Men staying or visiting Japan, from other countries, should not wear very colourful clothes. One should not wear clothes that have a lot of patterns imprinted on them and would try to keep their dresses as simple and plain as they can.  They should wear formal dresses more and more.

Men in western countries like the USA usually wear shoes that are casual shoes or some kind of tennis shoes. They should avoid wearing this kind of dressing sense while they are in Japan or they will be in Japan.

They also wear oversized clothes, staying or living in any western country. But, these types of clothing are not appropriate to wear while in Japan. However, these items of clothing can be worn when they are going up climbing.

Short guide about Japanese fashion trends for everyone, from other countries, going to Japan

Anyone, be it men or any women, while in Japan should not wear any item of clothes that are having any holes or are distressed. They should also not wear smelly items of clothes they have. There are communal bathings too, where also they should avoid wearing any swimsuits. These things may hurt someone and will have a bad impression on them.

One should avoid all black clothes and should also avoid all white items of clothing. They should not wear oversized or anything that is too big for them to wear. The shoe should be easy to wear and take out and should be very comfortable.

japanese fashion
It is very important to carry and pack the right and proper items of clothing. so they should not face any sort of issues or embarrassing situations there in japan.

One should avoid experimenting on their dressing trends while they are in Japan or they should not try anything tacky and eye-catching.

A pair of comfortable shoes or footwear is a must for everyone. If someone came to visit Japan and wants to explore it, they must have a comfortable pair of footwear. For women, if they are going to explore Japan and come to visit Japan, they should try not to wear any uncomfortable footwear or any heels. They may give them discomfort and they may hinder their exploring journey in japan. With shoes or any footwear, they should have a hygienic and hole-less pair of socks along with them as in Japan, they have a culture not to wear shoes to any traditional places or at house or maybe, even at the place where they would have been staying in Japan.

Women can wear makeup. But, they should avoid any experimenting with makeup or something which can be eye-catchy. They should wear light makeup.

Women should wear comfortable and modest dresses.

A raincoat is also very important for everyone in Japan. One should also pack a pair of raincoats along with them. One should have an umbrella and raincoat that is comfortable to wear and easy to carry.

An ample amount of warm clothes are also necessary for everyone. Clothes should be warm and obviously, comfortable to carry on.

Japanese people are in a group mixed of modern and also very conservative brains. So, one should take care of these and enjoy easy-going travel in japan.

Yes! It is someone’s personal and very important choice about what they want to wear and how they want to represent themselves in front of someone or a society. However, if they are visiting somewhere or are going to stay somewhere else. Then, they should think about the sentiments of others too. And should always respect the values and culture of wherever they are going or wherever they are. If you wanna know best Japanese street foods then click here.

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