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Best Shopping Malls in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan’s fashionable high-tech capital of over twelve million folks. One of the world’s most fascinating cities, busy, crowded, and valuable, however forever exciting and enchanting. Tokyo is the cosmopolitan heart of the state, the Center of Japanese culture, music, finance, and arts.

A town of some gorgeous modernist design and looming skyscrapers, 24/7 shopping complexes, great hotels, museums, galleries, gardens, parks, restaurants, cafes, shops, clubs – the national capital has it all. In this article, we will look into the ever-bubbling shopping malls across Tokyo, which light up the city and never sleeps.

Shopping in Tokyo is always a delight, especially where there is no language barrier. From the chic division stores and boutiques of Ginza, the peculiar youth brands of Harajuku, to the anime and hardware heaven of Akihabara, you indeed can purchase anything in Tokyo.

Most malls are situated at the center of the city (Hakone, Shizuoka, Nikko and Yokohama, and Atami) instead of the suburbs. Shopping centers have a significant impact on Tokyo since they bring in more people to work or shop. It helps to boost the economy tremendously.

Tips for Shopping in Tokyo Malls

  • Many stores offer free shopping to international guests, so take your visa with you.
  • The cost of the ticket is the price—haggling isn’t necessary.
  • A lot of great stores and cafes are found all over the mall.
  • Shopping in Tokyo is simple and cheap. The staff is always courteous, accommodating, and mindful.
  • At numerous boutiques, the staff will walk you to the entryway sometime recently displaying your buys with a bow.
  • The discount deals are held in January and July, also around occasions like “Golden Week” in May and “Silver Week” in September.


Shopping malls are truly helpful since you’ve got all the shops you would like beneath one roof. Moreover, shopping in such places can be competitive since you’ll compare costs at different shops since they are all so near to one another. Malls are a fun place to be since there are cafes and cinemas, and video diversion arcades. Meaning a shopping mall could be an awesome place to go for amusement together with your companions as there are varieties of other things to do other than shopping.

Shopping malls utilize numerous distinctive procedures to pull in customers and make them purchase their stock. These procedures are exceptionally clear when strolling through the shopping malls.  The shopping experience can be so pleasurable when it happens in an excellent shopping outlet. For that reason, vendors set up shopping centers like parks with trees, blooms, wellsprings, and seats. As a customer, you feel at home and will want to remain longer and socialize at this point. Moreover, coffee shops, eateries, and nibble bars are included within shopping malls and permit individuals to “hang out” when taking a break from shopping and buying.


Types of Shopping Malls in Tokyo

Regional Mall: A regional mall is a shopping place that offers general merchandise and services in full range.

Super Regional mall: A super territorial shopping center, as the name suggests, is an expansion of regional shopping centers in terms of size and stock assortment.

Strip Malls: Strip malls (commonly known as shopping centers, arcades, or mini shopping centers) are open region shopping where different stores are arranged in a row, with a walkway in front.

Vertical Malls: The concept of vertical shopping centers came into view because of the complexities of populated cities/nations where land is expensive. These malls are built to be tall, and they have all it takes to be a mall.

Outlet Malls: An outlet mall (also online retail store) is a shopping mall where a manufacturer sells its products directly to the public. At the same time, other stores located in the outlet mall sell returned products and offer discounted goods, generally at reduced prices.

Features of a Standard Shopping Mall

  • It needs to be spacious to accommodate the large number of people walking in at all times.
  • Parking lot facilities should be provided
  • Access to varieties of goods and services of all kinds
  • It should possess fun, gaming, recreational centers
  • The design should be perfect, and the appearance unique to house several outlets and still look nice.
  • There should be access to enticing offers, discounts, and unique customer service.
  • There should be free Wi-Fi access.

What do you appreciate most in Tokyo? For numerous guests to Japan, shopping might be the foremost energizing part of their trips. Particularly in Tokyo, there are bounty spots to look out for cutting edge, high-tech items, most recent mold pieces, quality corrective things, and now and then best deal bargains. In a few ranges in Tokyo, numerous shops specialize in specific things, for example, Akihabara for electric items and Harajuku for stylish mold.


The Best Shopping Malls and Areas in Tokyo and Surroundings


Tokyu Plaza Ginza

The Ginza is Tokyo’s most famous upmarket shopping, dining, and entertainment district, featuring many department stores, boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, nightclubs, and cafes. Ginza has been a prevalent shopping destination for both Japanese and international guests. Several long-established departmental stores are located. Also, there is a massive presence of fashion retailer shops.

Another shopping complex called “Ginza SIX” has opened and is presently drawing more attention to customers. This shopping mall moreover has no deficiency serving both general goods, cosmetics, and necessities. For those trying to find extravagant brand items, the Ginza Plaza is one of the best shopping malls to be.

Ginza Wako, a subdivision store found at the central Ginza 4-Chome crossing point known as the symbol of Ginza with the clock tower. It’s a long-establish divisional store with seventy years long time history. Other well-known office stores like Matsuya Ginza and Ginza Mitsukoshi are too close by.

For mid-range design pieces, Tokyu Square Ginza, which opened in 2016, is the leading choice. There are also different stores lined within the main road of Ginza, such as fast-fashion retailers such as UNIQLO, H&M, and Zara.

The foremost helpful stations for getting to the Ginza area are Ginza Station on the Hibiya, Marunouchi and Ginza Tram Lines, and Yurakucho Station on the JR Yamanote Line, JR Keihin-Tohoku Line, and Yurakucho Metro Line.




The busiest shopping area in Japan. Wait until you come to Shinjuku! From fashion to electronics to souvenirs, Shinjuku has everything you need and more. This bustling area is considered one of the best shopping districts in Tokyo, with many department stores and shopping centers.

Shinjuku offers incredible alternatives for shopping. From extravagance brand stores to the shopping center for youthful individuals, there are numerous assortments of shops for each need. ISETAN is the foremost suggested store to chase luxury brands; it features a wide range of items from high design brands to varieties of things like Tokyu Hands and UNIQLO.

Isetan has the latest and greatest fashion, food, etc., and is considered a trend leader. In 2013, after extensive renovation, Isetan took the fashion museum as the theme, with richer exhibits and great seasonal brands, as well as limited-edition merchandise.

Address: Shinjuku 3141, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Contact: Isetan Shinjuku Store

On the west side of the mall, there are too a few expansive office stores. Keio Office Store and Odakyu Division are found next to each other. Along Mosaic Road between the two division stores, a number of exciting fashion and trinket shops are lined.  LUMINE EST, specifically connected to the east exit of Shinjuku Station, is a well-known shopping complex among teenagers. LUMINE 1 and LUMINE 2 at the west exit of the station also draw their attention. The recently opened Tokyo bus transport terminal BUSTA moreover contains a design building NEWoMan for mature women.

Shinjuku Takashimaya mall forms the core of the Takashimaya Times Square shopping precinct. Its many departments, which well-known stock brands and popular products, cover fashion, food, life, and sports. Takashimaya city district is additionally home to a duty-free store called Shilla & ANA; branches of Tokyu Hands, Nitori, and Uniqlo; furthermore, as an area filled with restaurants. There’s an infinite number of outlets, all under one roof and lots more.

Interestingly, Shinjuku Marui Honkan (OIOI) and Shinjuku ALTA offer trendy fashion items at reasonable rates on the east side. Shinjuku definitely provides one of the biggest shopping options for all ages and need. Shinjuku Takashimaya forms the core of the Takashimaya Times Square shopping precinct. Its many departments, which well-known stock brands and popular products, cover fashion, food, life, and sports. Takashimaya city district is additionally home to a duty-free store called Shilla & ANA; branches of Tokyu Hands, Nitori, and Uniqlo; furthermore as an area filled with restaurants. There’s an infinite number of outlets, all under one roof.


3.Asakusa Ekimise


Directly associated with Asakusa Station, so you don’t have to stress over getting wet in the downpour, Asakusa Ekimise has more than 150 shops. Matsuya Asakusa (B1, 1F, 3F) gives items like pre-made Japanese and Western foods, Japanese side dishes, Western and Japanese style candy stores, and ladies clothing. Located at1-chōme-4-1 Hanakawado, Taito City, Tokyo 111-0033, Japan.

The Ekimise segment stretches out from the fourth to the seventh floor and incorporates style things, random merchandise and frill, and customary Japanese things and clothing. The sixth floor is home to the tax-exempt electric apparatuses shop Nojima, and on the seventh floor, you’ll discover the eatery region where you can feast on Japanese dishes like sushi and udon noodles and things from Chinese and Korea.

From the roof Terrace is the Tokyo Skytree, the world’s tallest independent tower. The view of the city around evening time is unique. This is a modern-day mall where clients all over the world enjoy shopping because of the phone interpretation service and Tobu Free Wi-Fi (7F only)


4.Aeon Shopping Mall – Narita


This shopping mall is sited 15 minutes from Narita Airport terminal, which implies that clients from all over the world utilize this shopping center. It has a parking area for buses (which suits 22 vehicles). Additionally, they provide assistance in a foreign language for international customers, going all out to provide comfort as the main gateway to Tokyo through exemplary customer service.

Address: 24 Wing Tsuchiya, Narita City, Chiba 286-0029

It has 174 stores covering dining, clothing, living, and amusement, with a grocery store, mold stores, family merchandise retailers, and assorted eateries. It is well known as where you’ll discover anything you need. Also, music concerts are held, and you will be able to appreciate a variety of Japanese, Western, or Chinese dishes and desserts such as ice cream and doughnuts. There’s a nursing room and a kids’ region as well.




The region isn’t enormously known to outsiders compared to the other areas; however, Ikebukuro has been quite possibly the most famous shopping region in Tokyo for a long time. This shopping area is included in this rundown since it is the best region to shop for electronic items.  On the east side of the shopping area, there are large electronic retail locations. For example, BIC CAMERA and Yamada Denki LABI offering an enormous variety of items with exceptionally juicy rates.

BIC CAMERA Ikebukuro PC Store offers the best items for PC and peripherals. If you wish to visit them, check out BIC CAMERA Ikebukuro East Outlet Store. They offer items with much lower costs than most. Ikebukuro additionally houses some great spots to shop design things.

Seibu Ikebukuro and Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro catch the consideration of perfect quality clients. Then again, Sunshine City draws in youngsters with quantities of design stores. The region incorporates mainstream style retailers like UNIQLO and GU. Ikebukuro is truly open which is situated close to the Shinjuku region.


Final Thoughts

If you visit Tokyo or reside there, these shopping areas/malls have been handpicked to give you the best shopping experience you’ve never had before. We recommend that you check in advance to know what to shop for and which area is the most suitable for you.


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