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An introduction to Mount Fuji from a Japanese view

Mount Fuji is also known as Fujisan or Fuji-San in the Japanese local language by Japanese people present there. Here, the suffix “san” is also used in the names of the Japanese people in Japan. Here “san” is used to show respect towards Mount Fuji. Mount Fuji is also known as Fujiyama or is also called Fuji no Yama. These all are the Japanese names given to Mount Fuji, going on for centuries by the ancestors of the Japanese people.

Mount Fuji is also known as an immortal mountain, a prosperous one, everlasting energy, and many others. This is an inexhaustible fountain. Fuji no Yama has been a symbol of faith and admiration in japan going on for centuries.

Mount fuji

Mount Fuji – location guide

Mount Fuji is located in central Japan. It is an attractive volcano covered with snow most of the time in a year. This is the highest mountain present in japan. Fuji San is present on the island of Honshu. This is near the Pacific coast of central Honshu. This is in the Yamanashi and Shizuoka regions of central Honshu in Japan.

Japan has three holy mountains. They are named as follows-

  •  Tate
  •  Haku
  •  Fuji

Mount Fuji was added to the world’s heritage list. It was done on the date, twenty-two June, two thousand and thirteen. This has always been an inspiration for artists, poets, and many more. Fuji no Yama is also known as one of the main pilgrimages from very ancient times in Japan among Japanese people. Mount Fuji means “wealth”. This word also means ” A man of status”.

Mount Fuji has always been a sacred place among the Japanese people. This has always been attracting tourists from other nations, which is an attraction for international tourists.

When to visit Mount Fuji –

The best time in a whole year is from the first of July to the first of August. The period between July and August is best known for hiking. For hikers, climbers, and normal visitors also, there are tents, huts, small shops are also available. The period between October to May is very dangerous, non-suitable for climbing Mount Fuji (Fuji no Yama / Fuji-San).

Climate – a short guide

Mount Fuji has a tundra climate. This is covered by the snow half of the year. Fuji San has a very extreme climate. One climbing Mount Fuji or visiting it is advised to carry a good amount of warm clothes and should be fully covered.

The best part of the day to start climbing

The sunset is considered as the best part of the day to start climbing to Fuji San so that they should reach Mount Fuji at the time of sunrise.

Routes of mount Fuji –

  • Kawaguchiko
  • Subashiri
  • Gotemba
  • Fujinomiya

These all have historical sites present. They are as popular as Mount Fuji. There wild animals like bears are also present. At the Fuji-San, many caves are also there to have an adventure.

In ancient times, mountains were worshipped. Therefore, today in the modern era also Mount Fuji is religious and means so much for Japan and the Japanese people.

Mount Fuji is a national symbol of Japan. This is Japan’s sacred symbol. Fuji no Yama has always been considered very religious.

Thoughts of Buddhists over mount Fuji

According to Buddhists, Mount Fuji acts as a supernatural protector for Japan and the Japanese people.

Formation of mount Fuji A traditional view over the formation

In ancient times, everyone used to think and say that volcanoes were created as the result of earthquakes happening. It was formed 286 BCE ago. Science view over the formation

It was formed 2.6 million years ago on earth. Mount Fuji has three volcanoes. They are as follows –

  • Komitake
  • Old Fuji, also known as ko Fuji
  • Shin Fuji, also known as the new Fuji

Mount Fuji is an active volcano. The last volcanic eruption in Mount Fuji was in the nineteen sixties. That’s why it is always under monitoring.

Mount Fuji is a symbol of good fortune and well-being in Japan among Japanese people.

Lakes at the northern slope

There are a total of five lakes at the northern slope of Mount Fuji. They are 1.) Lake Yamanaka

Mount fuji destination in japan
Lake Yamanaka is the largest lake of all. Here, one can find resorts to stay.

  •  Kawaguchi
  •  said
  •  shoji
  •  motos

These lakes are formed by the results of the lava flowing.

Mount Fuji is religious, and it is surrounded by temples to visit.

Mount Fuji and women

Women were not allowed to climb Mount Fuji. Until 1868 they were not allowed to do so. A Japanese woman started this and she became the first Japanese lady to climb Mount Fuji. However, she had to hide that she was a woman. She was in a disguise and with a group of men she climbed Mount Fuji. Later, she became the one to speak for this topic and fought for gender equality in Japan and to fight for the right for the female gender to climb Fuji no Yama or Mount Fuji.

First, non-Japanese to climb mount Fuji

Rutherford Block was the first non-Japanese, International person, to climb Mount Fuji. He also wrote a book about this.

The first non-Japanese woman to climb Mount Fuji was a lady named Fanny Parker.

How to see Mount Fuji

There are three possible ways through which one can take glimpses of Mount Fuji. They can see by

  • Traveling from Tokyo and Yokohama.
  • the train trip between Tokyo and Osaka.
  • Travelling from the shin-Fuji station.

Does anyone own Mount Fuji?

Few people say that Mount Fuji is owned by the state. In reality, this is over a private territory of Fujisan Hongu sengen Taisha.

One can also have weddings at Mount Fuji when there are no festivals or any rituals to be held there.

How to reach mount Fuji- a short guide –

One can take Mount Fuji buses to reach there. One can also opt for bullet trains to Kawaguchiko to reach Fuji San.

There are numerous hotels to stay at, which makes visiting there easy. Few of the hotels that are there are –

  1. Konansou
  2. Fujisan onsen hotel
  3. Fuji view hotel
  4. Like Hotel Konkan

While staying there, Mount Fuji should be treated with respect because of the Japanese culture and tradition. And traditions of others should always be respected and should always be seen as how one looks and respects one’s own culture. Mount Fuji has always been very holy for Japan and Japanese people.

Precautions to be taken

One should always take an ample amount of safety measures while climbing Mount Fuji. Many visitors were injured while climbing Fuji San. One can easily get altitude sickness there. They may have breathing difficulties, while they reach the top of Fuji no Yama. It is very cold at the top of Mount Fuji and a strong cold wind blows all of the time.

Red Fuji – a rare sight

Mount fuji destination in japan
Red Fuji at Mount Fuji is seen at the time of sunsets and sunrise. This is the time when Mount Fuji shines red. Fuji no Yama is usually covered with snow and shining bright red makes it a rare view for the visitors. This rare, breathtaking view s mainly observed when summer comes to an end and the time when autumn is on its way.

Diamond Fuji or pearl Fuji

Mount fuji destination in japan
Again a very rare sight but one of the prettiest sights to watch. Diamond Fuji is related to the sun and is viewed when the sunrise occurs and the sun is at the top of Mount Fuji and it looks like a diamond which is so amazing to watch. Pearl Fuji is related to the moon and can be sighted when the moon is at the top of Mount Fuji which looks like a pearl on the top of Fuji no Yama. These sights are worth it to watch and record in your memory for a lifetime.

Rare mount Fuji

This is the view, viewed when the reflection of Mount Fuji is reflected in the lake on clear days. The reflection is upside down in the lake.

This view is seen in the currency of Japan, on the thousand yen note used

there. That currency also has famous cherry blossoms on it.

Mount Fuji is a symbol of Japanese art, Japanese culture, a religious and a strong side of Japan and the Japanese people, and also the history of japan. Fuji no Yama has always been an inspiration for Japan and the Japanese people.

Mount Fuji is of beautiful conical shape.

This also acts as Japan’s national symbol and it is a sacred symbol.

Mount Fuji is an active volcano but is in inactive mode. We can also say that Fuji no Yama has been into sleeping since its last eruption.

There is a saying in Japan by the Japanese people from ancient times about Mount Fuji, that “only a fool climbs Mount Fuji twice “.

Mount Fuji and the international tourism industry in japan

Mount Fuji has always been a magnet of attraction for a lot of national and international tourism. Being a world heritage site, Mount Fuji has always pulled the views of numerous tourists. And ultimately this also adds up to the country’s economic growth and economic development. Fuji no Yama also has added to the employment rates in japan. Many Japanese people in Japan earn through Mount Fuji, directly or indirectly.

This has always been an ultimate tourist destination. Fuji no Yama never fails to stand on the expectations of the tourists visiting Mount Fuji. Despite the harsh cold, severe climate, and wind, it has always been an attractive destination.

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Covid outbreaks and Mount Fuji

Covid outbreaks have affected everyone in the world and Mount Fuji, a man of the standard, is also one of them. This outbreak has decreased the number of visitors to Mount Fuji. Fuji sab was closed until the situation became a little bit good. There have been a very low number of visitors visiting Fuji San. And even if someone visits there, they have to follow her strict rules and protocols to visit, which is a very good safety measure for everyone.

There have been made safety protocols to be followed by everyone visiting there. To increase employment, many things have been done for Japanese people living in Japan by the Japanese government. Fuji-san is a reason for the living of Japanese people in Japan.

However, the situation is coming under control and the Japanese government is again ready to welcome international tourists to visit. The crowd is still avoided and there were various ways by which the crowd was avoided. vaccination should be done by one and all.

Due to Fuji-san, the areas near it are very much cultivating and soils are mineral riched, perfect condition for cropping. This is also the reason for lakes near it to be very crystal clear.

Mount fuji and pollution

Mount Fuji like many other world Heritages, get polluted by the visitors visiting there, climbers, and many others. There is a lot of garbage lying there. Human excreta can also be seen. When it is so important and religious for Japan and the Japanese society, then it should not be treated like this. In fact, no sites and natural gifts should be treated so badly. Sometimes, dead bodies are also found, which occurs due to some mishappenings.

However, many people are working now on the front to conserve it and save it from further damages to be done by people.

There are many lakes and forests to visit and have an adventure. There are also caves to visit.

Even if, Mount Fuji is considered as a female, female genders were not allowed to climb until the revolutionary acts were not taken and gender rights were not in use.

At last, Mount Fuji is a combination of history, culture, religion, faith, art, and many more for Japan and the Japanese people.

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